Drinking Liberally Chapel Hill

Drained, Glistening, and Still, the Evening's Real Heroes Wait Selflessly For Another Chance to ServeAnybody interested in a Chapel Hill Drinking Liberally? Both the Raleigh and Greensboro forums look dead, and the DL posts on Scrutiny Hooligans and BlogAsheville always make me so jealous. Anyone?

UPDATE: It'sBailey's tonight (Thursday, 3/2) at 7pm. There have been some other good suggestions, so we should figure out tonight where we'll meet in the future.


I would go.

Wait there is drinking involved right...because otherwise I would not.

Just make on a school night so that I can go straight from the Law School.

Me, too

This weekend would be perfect since my wife will be out of town.

What!!?? I mean that gives me free time, not permission!!

I'm in.

Sounds like fun.

Where at?

The DL website provides a few tips (included below). Having lived in Cary and Mebane during my UNC years, I don't know the bar scene well enough (though this does sort of sound like a job for Bub's).

  • Try to get a couple friends to co-host. It can be lonely as the group grows, if you're the only one there.
  • We recommend a cheap bar. This isn't a fancy concept. Drinking Liberally needs to be inclusive and inviting. Don't let price get in the way. Ideally, the bar will serve pitchers - encouraging members to buy a round for their new friends and increasing the good community feel.
  • Buy the first pitcher if you can afford it. It makes people feel welcome when they arrive - and encourages them to return the favor to you and other members.
  • Pay special attention to any newcomers - you already know your friends, and know they will return; the organizer's goal is to draw new friends into the circle.
  • Make sure people can find you. Whether you make and post a sign at the bar, wear buttons or t-shirts, or put out table tents, give people a way to easily identify you. You can also tell the staff at the bar, so they know where to direct lost new members.
  • Let's do this within the week.

    Seriously, let's get this started. I think I've got at least 3, maybe four people who are interested.

    I don't know the bars in Chapel Hill that well -- where is a good cheap bar (non-smoking, preferrably) in town?

    Let's do this within the week. Otherwise, we'll wax philosophical about it and it won't happen.

    So, I push: folks need to nominate locations. We should also pick a day and time that we can do every month.

    I'll Phone DL Today

    to get the group officially set up, but with or without official sanction, how is tomorrow night? Anybody want to suggest somewheres besides Bub's? Am I being naff?

    I'm a single parent this week

    but could probably swing by for a quick beer depending on the time.

    My wife is sick

    but I can leave her throwing up for a beer with fellow Dems!
    I would recommend:

    the Irish sports bar out near 40 (easy access)
    Carolina Ale House (homebrew)
    Town Hall (not cheap, not too busy either)

    Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


    Is that the Irish place, out where Franklin hits 15-501? Parking would be a cinch there. We can use this meeting to figure out a regular place, but I think Bailey's is a good idea.


    is good.

    What time?

    not bw3's, too expensive and

    not bw3's, too expensive and obnoxious,

    should go to bub's or linda's one weeknight. any night except tuesday and thursday and they are only about half full and usually have good specials. Also lots of beer.


    I think I'll have a beer right now to get ready.


    Given the weather forcast for tomorrow, I am going to recomend being at a place where we can sit outside (also getting rid of the smoke issue). My suggestions:

    Dead Mule
    Patio loco

    Or we could try our hand at some trivia at Hell (although that might be too easy for the Pope Center: "Liberals meet in Hell").


    We could do top of hte hill - which is hard to park but a great place.

    Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

    Is this a plan then?

    Bailey's at 7 PM tomorrow? Where's a poll when you need one.



    DL in Raleigh

    The Raleigh forum online is fairly low traffic, but we meet every week at the Flying Saucer downtown. In fact, if you were on the Raleigh mailing list for it, we had a group down at Tyler's last week to try and drum up interest.


    I believe I can see an exchange program in our futures.