Drilling for Oil Off the North Carolina Coast

We have been discussing the assault on our national forests on this site for the last week, but there is another attack on the environment of North Carolina being launched in the Federal Legislature. The N&O chronicles the attempts to open the Atlantic Coast to oil drilling for the first time since the 80's:

"I would say that on the East Coast, North Carolina is the most vulnerable state in this equation," said Richard Charter, co-chairman of the National Outer Continental Shelf Coalition, a collection of conservationists, fishing groups and local governments. "North Carolina probably is the most interesting to the oil industry of any area on the Atlantic coast."


Gas my *ss

You can already hear the bullsh*t pouring out from the energy companies. "We're just interested in natural gas . . . we don't want any dirty old oil." Right. Like they're just going to ignore oil if they discover it.

North Carolina does not need to become the Gulf Coast. Because despite our Tarheel heritage, we really do not want to have our feet covered with tar when we walk in the sand. It's already bad enough at some of our beaches, but go to the Gulf Coast and take a walk and then look at the bottom of your feet. It's not Tarheel. It's tar foot.

Seems like some of these people won't be satisfied till we sell off our parks (or privatize them), drill all over the coastline, and plop up a few more nucular reactors, just in case.

Worst shrimp year ever

And just think what oil and gas drilling will do for the fishing industry . . . as if we don't have enough trouble already. Read it here.