Draft Brad Miller petition

On the morning of Tuesday, January 23rd the netroots movement to convince Brad Miller to run for United States Senate was launched. The first diary was well received, leading to over three hundred dollars in donations. While this might seem like a small amount of money, it was enough to put us on the top 5 of ActBlue’s “hottest pages.” Whenever a potential Senate candidate can raise as much money on ActBlue as a real presidential candidate in one day you know that things could get going real quick.

This was followed up by the announcement that Representative Miller would be chairing a new subcommittee, which will have subpoena power. You can read all about that new committee on kos and at bluenc.

Today I am asking that you continue your support, not by giving more money, although that would be greatly appreciated. Rather, I am asking that you go and sign the newly created petition. Once enough people sign on, this petition will be sent to not only Brad Miller, in the hope that it will be enough to convince him; it will also be sent to the leadership of the DSCC. Senator’s Reid and Schumer know that the netroots are here to stay. They know that we were instrumental in getting Tester and Webb into the Senate, and they know that if they want an expanded majority in 2009 they are going to need our help.

Below is the text of the petition, I hope that you will sign on.

The signers of this petition ask Brad Miller, Representative from the 13th District of North Carolina, to run for United States Senate in 2008. We recognize that not only is Brad Miller a strong and capable voice for his district. He would also be a strong candidate, and once elected would be able to fully represent all people of North Carolina.

Obviously the petition language is fairly simple and straightforward. Before this petition is sent to Brad, or the DSCC leadership I will be sending all of them letters that will be much more in depth, and much more personal. But, we gotta start somewhere.