Draft Brad Miller for NC Governor Facebook Page

Here's the Draft Brad Miller for NC Governor Facebook Page and related diary post over at Daily Kos

Let's show Brad Miller some love by joining the Facebook Group - today!


Joining groups

That's askin' a lot these days. Most of my "group" experiences on Facebook end up with unpleasant endings.

Any way this could just be something to "like" rather than join?



Can the group settings

be opened for anyone to join? I feel it might grow faster that way. I requested to join, but am still waiting. This thing is going to need to grow fast if it's going to be a force. But major kudos on making it, we need to get some good people engaged in this primary!

Re: Open Facebook Group

I just changed the settings so hopefully folks can join without having to be approved. (hopefully)

"The Butler," Great Movie! Go see it.

It's growing fast!

It seems to be growing fast, I think it worked.