Double Standard?

NCGOP Chairman Blount is asking NCDP Chair Jerry Meek to call on Jim Black to resign. Has Blount publicly asked Morgan to resign? Just curious.


Blount has called Morgan on

Blount has called Morgan on the carpet many times, and the GOP actually passed a motion to try and defeat Morgan in the primary (a rarity).

This I Know

But I'm looking for a public call for resignation.

First things first

From Blount's letter:

"I leave you with a quote from one other Democrat President, Woodrow Wilson. He said, “I love the Democrat Party; but I love America a great deal more….When the Democrat Party thinks that it is an end in itself, then I rise up and dissent."

Do a quick search and replace - swapping Democrat for Republican - and the ask yourself this: Which party is currently doing indescribable damage to America? When and if Blount calls on George Bush to resign, I'll take the chairman seriously. Until then, I have no interest in anything he has to say.