Don't write off the South

Cross post from KOS. North Carolina will be an exciting place for politics in 2008!

As you might have read over the holidays, DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen has revealed his bold plan targeting at least 40 seats in the 2008 Congressional elections. We Democrats are finally in a position to go on the offensive, given retiring and vulnerable Republicans, as well as the fund raising success of the national party.

What you may not have realized however, is that Florida aside, I'm proud to say North Carolina's 8th appears to be the southern firewall!

The list as reported in Roll Call (subscription):

AK-AL: Don Young
AZ-01: Open
AZ-03: John Shadegg
CA-04: John Doolittle
CA-26: David Dreier
CA-50: Brian Bilbray
CO-04: Marilyn Musgrave
CT-04: Chris Shays
FL-08: Ric Keller
FL-09: Gus Bilirakis
FL-13: Vern Buchanan
FL-24: Tom Feeney

ID-01: Bill Sali
IL-10: Mark Kirk
IL-11: Open
IL-14: Open
MI-07: Tim Walberg
MI-09: Joe Knollenberg
MN-03: Open
MN-06: Michele Bachmann
MO-06: Sam Graves
NV-03: Jon Porter
NJ-03: Open
NJ-07: Open
NM-01: Open
NM-02: Open
NY-13: Vito Fossella
NY-25: Jim Walsh
NY-26: Tom Reynolds
NY-29: Randy Kuhl
NC-08: Robin Hayes
OH-01: Steve Chabot
OH-02: Jean Schmidt
OH-14: Steve LaTourette
OH-15: Open
OH-16: Open
PA-03: Phil English
WA-08: Dave Reichert
WV-02: Sheley Moore Capito
WY-AL: Open

Earlier this month, as we hit the symbolic 330 days mark out from the rematch of 2006, I told you I was going to need your help more than ever before. Together we nearly pulled off a miracle in 2006, coming within 330 votes of unseating one of the wealtiest incumbents in Congress with little to no institutional support of our own, just a shared belief that regular working folks could make a difference.

Seeing this list now, and knowing the faith you and Chairman Van Hollen have placed in this campaign, I know how hard the Republicans will be coming for me. If we can hold them off in the South, we can sweep them anywhere. Please don't write off the South.

You know I hate to ask, but I really need your support before the end of the quarter. It's quickly going to become very expensive to run a winning campaign against the onslaught of Republican attacks ahead. We have to show the DCCC they are right to target this race this time, as this is one southern seat we true believers aren't willing to give up.

Please help today if you can, and thanks to all that have already done so much.


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Larry Kissell
Democratic Candidate for Congress
North Carolina's 8th District

Someone Working...For a Change

Larry Kissell
Democratic Candidate for Congress
North Carolina's 8th District

Someone Working...For a Change

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