Don't ruin our natural NC beaches ... please

Dear North Carolina citizen,

If you feel as I do about maintaining our natural North Carolina beaches, please take the time to write the members of the House of Representatives, Environment & Natural Resources Committee, immediately. If Senate Bill 832 passes the House of Rep. (already passed the Senate) our beaches could soon be like the New Jersey shoreline.

You can cut and paste the committee members below. ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

Here is the email I sent to each one individually. I was told by someone in the Legislature that individual emails were better; but any email is better than none; so, if you don't have the time, just copy and paste all at once. Also, if you put one email in the "To" section and "BCC" rest, the email will go out singularly. Either way is ok.. Also, please forward this email to others on your email list if you agree we need to act fast.

(you may copy and paste this email)
Dear Representative:

NC Senate Bill 832 is the most serious piece of legislation affecting our NC coastline since the Basnight bill that prohibited "hard structures" on the beach. SB 832 will negate that; and, with Senator Basnight's blessings.

Proponents such as the NCSBPA and Nags Head, NC, which is waiting for one of these "groins", are keeping a low profile on this, hoping to keep it out of the public eye.

The current bill rewrites G.S. 113A-115.1 and adds three important definitions that will open the door for terminal groins all along our beaches.
Soon, NC could be like the New Jersey shore. Seriously.
The citizens of NC need to be aware of the end result of this proposed legislation and act quickly and appropriately. Please vote ''NO"

Ray Midgett



Thanks, Ray.

I sure hope this goes nowhere in the House, with the Senate already having proven it's just the back office for the NC Association of Realtors.

Perdue may have to get her veto pen ready.

Economic insanity.

I appreciate your attention to this issue. I served eight years on the Coastal Resources Commission, much of that time (too much of it) spent fighting ill-advised proposals to put "terminal groins" or some foolish variant on one beach or another. You can bet that no responsible CRC member wants to see that nonsense encouraged by this legislation.

SB 832 would put North Carolina on the fast track to destruction of the natural shoreline that fronts our extraordinary coast--and not coincidentally fuels our top tourism industry. It's economic insanity for our state as a whole, to serve the short-term interests of a wealthy few. The House needs to stop this madness now.

Dan Besse