Don't Forget! Vote for Larry Today!

Don't forget to go by Progressive Patriots and vote for Larry. He needs as many votes as possible. Go vote for Larry in Russ Feingold's Pick a Progressive Patriot.

Let's make the difference! Please email this to every single friend you have.




Don't forget to write in Larry Kissell on the DCCC site

don't forget to write in Larry Kissell NC-08 on the DCCC site and check of Heath Schuler while you are there.

Larry Kissell -Someone working- For a change

And the change will come on Nov 7th

Vote for Larry Kissell

I received an e-mail from DCCC thanking me for my vote. It says that the deadline has been extended, but I can't see when the new deadline is. You know, being an old cootette and all doesn't mean the date isn't there.