Don't Ask Don't Tell

President Obama called for an end to the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy in his State of the Union address. Senator Carl Levin from Michigan has indicated hearings may begin in February.

This is a really pressing issue. The US Military is the largest employer in the US making them the largest employer of LGBT people, too. This is also about jobs, national security, ending discrimination and helping our service members not worry about being discharged because they utter a pronoun that gives themselves away.

Let's end Don't Ask Don't Tell. It is a shameful policy that has no place in the US.



What a good thing it would be if all the freedom lovers on the right would step up and demand equality for all people in all ways.

Couldn't this have been an executive order? Shouldn't it have been? What's the hold up?

Give the Congress two weeks to change the law or decree it by executive order as commander and chief.

Thanks for writing this.

PS This is a big deal in North Carolina

I wish we could lead on something. Would it be awesome to have our governor write a letter to our president asking him to take action? Gay military people shouldn't have to live lies as a matter of government policy.

No Exec. Order

Because Bill Clinton botched his repeal attempt in 93 Sam Nunn (a dem) led the charge to make it a congressional act. So now it must be done by Congress


That sucks.

Two things on DADT

1) I think a stop-loss order would still be effective in this in this regard. If the President were concerned with, you know, acting on his promise.

2) There is no political downside to this for more GOPers or conservative Dems to get on board. The polling is far outside the margin of error even for self -identified "conservatives" or "Republicans"

Here's the poll I reference.

Has your US Representative signed on to HR 1283 yet?

I'm talking to you, Reps. Butterfield, Etheridge, Kissel, McIntyre, and Shuler.

Closet cases are welcome to sign on too, Rep. McHenry.

Remember: NO POLITICAL DOWNSIDE. Check the polling. There's a handy graph at the link as well. All categories are above 50% and outside the margin of error.

While liberals and Democrats remain the most supportive, the biggest increase in support has been among conservatives and weekly churchgoers -- up 12 and 11 percentage points, respectively.

The finding that majorities of weekly churchgoers (60%), conservatives (58%), and Republicans (58%) now favor what essentially equates to repealing the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy implemented under President Clinton in 1993 is noteworthy....

To Reps. Butterfield, Etheridge, Kissel, McIntyre, and Shuler:
When you don't sign on when the polling, common sense, and basic decency demand it, it makes me wonder why we should support you in the fall -- or in the primaries.



So, wonder what the hold up is for Obama and/or some legislative effort if that is a way to get it done?

Personally, I think those percentages are low. I think a far higher number of people in the U.S. have ZERO problem with eliminating the DADT provision.

Just do it, for goodness sake !

Change? What change? Obama 180s on repealing DADT

WTF is this?

A several year process? Who needs a several year process to stop wasting money by ejecting highly trained professionals who want to serve their country?

This delay is insanity. It is insulting and illogical.

There are plenty of gays and lesbians serving in the military in North Carolina, and Iraq, and Afganistan, and South Korea, and everywhere else RIGHT NOW.

This absurd delay is precisely why I will work against Obama in a primary.

His words mean nothing. His lack of action speaks volumes.


It is a joke

Why is everything being pushed back these days? DADT is a no brainer. You just DO IT !!!!! Obama promised it during his campaign and won a huge mandate in that election. People are okay with it !! I am sure he is getting heat from some military advisors and so forth that it will somehow be disruptive, but c'mon. Like you said, we have a bunch of gays serving (honorably I might add) RIGHT NOW.

I agree usernamehere. This is just like the card check issue and what health care ended up being. Get off your ass, Obama. Get this one done.

OFA just sent me a fundraising appeal

based on the "debate" with Republicans. Here's what I sent back:

WTF is going on with DADT? I'm a long time Obama supporter ... raised $140,000 in North Carolina. But I am closing my checkbook as of today. The delay on DADT is stupid on every front. All the happy talk doesn't matter one bit if you're not delivering actual changes.

Get it done or get out of my mailbox.


I got that email also and at the bottom of the page, there is a blurp about there being a Q&A session for Obama for OFA supporters on Thursday, February 4th. They supplied a link to go to that shows a video of the interaction between Obama and the Republican Caucus and there is a form on that same page where you can submit a question for Obama for his Feburary 4th meeting with OFA.

Wouldn't it be great if everyone on BlueNC would go to that page (click the hyperlink above) and put in a question on why DADT has not been overturned? Let's do it, all. It is high time we started putting our own collective heat on to get some things accomplished.

Wait a minute, are you saying

Wait a minute, are you saying that there are homosexuals in the armed services?

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Who knows?

I heard there aren't any, then someone said she knew one. Gasp.

I don't think there are any homosexuals in South Carolina either.

Fer Sher

As they say in San Francisco: "Fer Sher".

But, don't tell anyone, Huh. :)

Did you go here to register your feelings? If not, then you cannot complain about what is happening.