Don't ask conservatives to conserve.

Whenever one of Art Pope's Puppets interviews a scientist, you can be sure it'll be a doozie. Like this interview with Robert Balling, a shill for the wingnuts who happens to be a professor at Arizona State. Balling's premise is simple: North Carolina can't affect overall climate change, so why bother doing anything at all to alter our oil gluttony. Go read the article yourself, but pay special attention to this typical winger refrain:

“And if the state begins to implement a policy that costs the taxpayer any amount of money, the taxpayers are going to demand to know: ‘What is it I get from this investment?’” Balling said. “I stand up and tell them the answer’s absolutely nothing.”

Absolutely nothing? What a d*ckhead. Does he mean nothing, as in a cleaner environment and less impact on natural resources? Or perhaps strategic solutions to the inevitable crisis that will come with peak oil?

To conservatives who hate to conserve, anything that restrains their ability to rape, pillage and plunder the environment is bad policy. And the freedom to do whatever they hell they want, no matter what the costs to the common good, is their holy grail.


PS This story was written by a guy named Mitch Kokai, who used to be a local sports guy on WCHL in Chapel Hill. Now he's a Pope Puppet. Go figure.


Ah, Tuna.

When I was very young, I saw my mom writing a letter and asked her what she was doing. She explained that tuna companies were catching dolphins in their nets and accidentally killing them, but that if they adopted better practices, more of the dolphins would live. She said that she was writing a letter to let them know that she wouldn't buy any more tuna until they changed their ways.

I wasn't an idiot; I'd been to the grocery store and seen more tuna on the shelves than we could eat in a year. I knew they sold a lot of tuna to a lot of people. "Why should they care about you?" I asked. "You're wasting your time; you're not going to make a difference." She replied that if enough people did the same as her, there would be change.

Days or weeks later, she called me in to see on the news that tuna fishers had agreed to respond to popular pressure and save the dolphins. I was impressed.

To put it another way, I'm pretty sure there isn't a single player on Carolina's b-ball squad who can beat Duke all by himself. It's a good thing that this scientist isn't on Roy's coaching staff.

Ah, Glasshoppah!

You're a philosopher!