Do Nothing Burr endorses Myers Park Pat


Because doing the job has never been a top priority for either:

Sen. Richard Burr praised North Carolina's former GOP governor, Pat McCrory, as “the only one in the race that can win the general election" for the seat Burr is vacating. “Pat McCrory has a commanding advantage," Burr added.

Behind the scenes, Burr is even less subtle about next year's Senate battle. One Republican senator said Burr is “telling everyone that McCrory is the only one that has a chance to win.”

McCrory was nothing more than a rubber stamp for Legislative Republicans, and his former Budget Director Art Pope. The boldest thing he did was sign bills as a lame duck that stripped Roy Cooper's powers after the 2016 Election. Half of McCrory's short gubernatorial career was dedicated to cheerleading the ConnectNC Bond, but when BergerMoore stripped out the actual connect part (roads & broadband), McCrory folded like somebody holding a pair of threes. Here's more, if you can stomach it:

Though Trump’s endorsement could certainly boost Budd in the primary, it’s unclear whether the former president can propel him across the finish line. With Trump's online presence pared down, Budd may have to spend big to make voters aware of the endorsement.

Many Republicans believe McCrory’s experience running statewide — which has brought him high name ID and a broad fundraising base — makes him the most well-positioned candidate to take on the Democratic candidate next fall. But he also lost in 2016 — a good year for Republicans, when Burr won his third term after running a characteristically low-key race.

“Right now, I still think Pat is the favorite due to running so many times statewide. However, I believe President Trump will unload on McCrory, which is going to damage him in a Republican primary when you have more people paying attention,” Walker said.

McCrory ran for Governor 3 times, and lost 2 of those elections. And who did he win against? I'll give readers a few minutes to try to remember...




An endorsement from Burr? Gross.