DNC Music-Yonder Mountain,Chuck D,Sheryl Crow,with Gore,Biden and Obama clips

This past week I got to attend the DNC Convention and take in some of the music on Thursday. So here are a few clips which include:
Chuck D (with intro from Jim Hightower and an interview with Chuck D himself)
Yonder Mountain String Band
Sheryl Crow
(Sorry I could not include Stevie Wonder's 'Signed Sealed and Delivered' - too busy singing and dancing)

And, some highlights of Al Gore and of Barack Obama speaking...
In this segment at the SEIU Healthcare rally, Jim Hightower has a quote about the Bush administration

If ignorance ever goes to $100 a barrel, you want to drill on George Bush's head

If you get a chance check out Chuck D's radio show 'On the Real
(btw- when rappers and cowboys unite, you know a change is coming)

Next up: Yonder Mountain String Band - from Nederland, Colorado
Yes, they started the party up!

Next up Sheryl Crow - Yes a change will do us good...

Here is AL Gore

Finally: Barack Obama (with Biden intro)
By this point the crowd was all in to it, as you will see in the "Wave" going through the crowd - better than most football waves. This Wave lasted much, much longer than the clip shows. Also, notice how long it took for Obama just to be able to speak - due to the chanting crowd.

I had to stop filming at that point, basically because i was just too darn excited at that point - too much yelling for Obama.