DNC Day 2: You know you are at the DNC if...

It is official! Hillary Clinton is the first woman candidate nominated to run for president by a major political party.

The vast majority of drama came in the form of heartwarming stories and nomination speeches. I was brought to tears by Larry Sanders being allowed to individually cast his vote for his younger brother as part of the Americans Living Abroad delegation. I also leaked tears when a long-time friend of Hillary's spoke and could barely get the words out as she was overcome with emotion.

Every state was allowed to cast its vote with Vermont passing. There were no early celebrations even though everyone must have known that the votes were already in for Hillary. When attention turned back to Vermont, the emotional state chair gave the mic to Bernie Sanders who moved for the convention to suspend the rules and nominate Hillary Clinton by acclamation.

Tonight's contribution from the streets of Philly comes from Nina Vitale who is helping Elayne DeMaria of DownTicketDems.com cover the Democratic National Convention and is kind enough to provide us with original content. Thank you Nina and Elayne!

You know you are at the National Democratic Convention When:

The accomplishments of women are celebrated and encouraged.

No one person claims that “she alone” can fix America’s problems.

People look forward to a better future and believe in the American spirit.

Leaving a better nation and planet for our children is found in every speech and every speaker’s foremost mission.

The party goals include equal pay and a living minimum wage for all Americans.

Inclusion for all people of all races, religions and ethnic backgrounds and sexual persuasions is the message, not isolationism and exclusion.

Equality is openly discussed and put forward as a human issue and goal.

LGBTQ members are not an anomaly but accepted partners.

There is no one carrying a gun at the convention venues and sensible and responsible gun control is a major goal.

There is no talk about building walls to keep drugs out but rather how to provide compassionate care to alcoholics and addicts.

A floor vote is not squelched but seen as a right and a way to provide closure and hopefully unite the party.

Thousands of demonstrators come and march peacefully for their causes.

Diversity among participants and delegates is evident and natural.

The recent past Democratic presidents and current party leaders are here supporting our candidate.

The candidate who lost the primary actually endorses the candidate in glowing terms and asks his followers to support her.

The future looks bright.

The speeches are original!