DNC Day 2: Final thoughts

Elayne had some final thoughts last night about the events of the day, so I thought I would share them before tonight's speeches got started.

Celebrity sighting; my Facebook friend, Christine Pelosi. It was such a thrill to not only hear her speak but to meet her. She touches my heart because we have both been on this journey to educate down-ticket Dems to run effective campaigns.

I was sad that there were only 20-30 people in the room for this dynamic session entitled “10 Secrets to winning campaigns” which offered cutting edge strategies for campaigns.

The Caucus on Addiction had 10 times more people in attendance at the DNC than any previous Addiction Caucus. Hundreds of people packed into a beautiful old church seeking answers. But these answers were different.

This is where rock star people talk about their struggles with an addiction but turned their pain into a policy fight. Marty Walsh,the mayor of Boston spoke of his own struggles with addiction. The room hung on every word.

Patrick Kennedy spoke of creating the NAACP of the mental health; a civil right act of addiction. A medical system that provides treatment for all addicts and the need for policy. Patrick Kennedy; a man of privilege who touched a chord with everyone in the room.

Ed Markey from MA summed it up by saying “a vision without funding is a hallucination. This is the revolution.”

Without the huge Bernie demonstrations, everything ran much smoother tonight. Everyone was more organized. We got into the Wells Fargo Arena early and had great seats for the nosebleed section.

The roll call was great. Everyone excited to cast their votes and beaming with pride for their states.

This convention feels different. While sitting in the Wells Fargo Arena last night I realized that I was watching a divided party and nation. In 2012 in Charlotte we were all on the same team. There was lots of hugging and kissing and dancing in the isles. Not so much in Phila.

In the hotel, we met a woman from NJ who was going home after the first day. She felt the convention was disorganized and she wasn’t feeling the love.

Last night on the train a young female Bernie supporter pushing a disabled young man in a wheelchair said, “We are not giving up the fight. I hate Hillary. Never Hillary. We all know who is going to win the election. Trump.”

Another young girl asked her,” but don’t you think a Hillary presidency is better than Trump?” The Bernie supporter said, "I lived through 8 years of George Bush, I can live through 8 years of Trump."