Discrimination Due to Sexuality in the Mountains

The Asheville Citizen-Times ran this piece about a couple that had their contract with a ski resort cancelled because they got married in Mass. From the article:

Scherer says the ski area owners told her and Balfour that their sexual orientation and marriage was part of the reason their agreement was terminated. Scherer said the Wolf Laurel work, which she had done the past two seasons, accounted for about $20,000 in income for her company, nearly half of her annual gross.

Wolf Laurel Ski Area owner Orville English declined to comment on the allegations Tuesday, while co-owner Rick Bussey said, “It’s not wise for us to get in a verbal battle.” He described Wolf Laurel as a family-oriented resort.

"Family oriented" so long as the family looks like theirs. I know that I am never going to Wolf Laurel again.

And how can the ski area blatantly discriminate against the couple because of sexuality? Because it is not against the law:

Since all this has unfolded, Scherer and Balfour say they have been surprised to find out that gays and lesbians have no protection from employment discrimination in most states, including North Carolina. Seventeen states, mostly in the West or Northeast, have laws against discrimination based on sexual orientation.


Blast this from the rooftops

I would suggest getting MoveOn and other organizations involved in boycotting the resort - hit them in the pocket book.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

One easy thing to do is write

letters to the editor of the Asheville paper. I'd post the email address, but the paper's website has ground to a halt right now. One can only hope it's from a deluge of pissed off readers.