Digging deeper into wind farm opposition

Lisa Sorg skewers John Droz for his disingenuous deceptions:

However, the tone of the letter — histrionic and at times, sycophantic —and even the punctuation are similar to that in Droz’s blogs and articles. Reached by email, Droz did not answer a direct question about any involvement in drafting the letter. Instead, he wrote: “I have no problem with communicating with journalists who are making an honest effort to objectively describe a situation. However, years ago I made it clear to you that I was never a real estate developer — yet you continue to include that falsehood in your correspondences.”

(Droz’s online “real-estate focused resume” says he owns and has renovated numerous properties in New York State. He also claims to have co-founded one of the largest real estate companies in central New York. He also writes that in the 1980s he taught a widely acclaimed course on “How to Succeed in Real Estate Investing.”

Yeah, not sure how much of that resume is fact vs fiction. It does say he's a member of Mensa, which is difficult to swallow, after engaging in a few online debates with him. Pretty sure there's less there than meets the eye, if you catch my drift. But back to the notorious letter and its dubious claims:

The letter quoted impressive-sounding government-funded studies about the threat of wind turbines on military radar. It cited a meticulous set of facts and figures. It listed footnotes in superscript, just like the MLA academic style book instructs.

Two of the five citations, though, were from unreliable sources that undermine the truth about the feasibility of wind farms in North Carolina: Breitbart News, a primary disseminator of fake news, whose former executive chairman and founder sits at the right hand of President Trump; The Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions, run by John Droz. Former real estate developer, holder of a master’s degree in solid state science, climate change skeptic, and outspoken opponent of wind energy, Droz hatched a confidential nationwide propaganda campaign against wind energy in 2011, as first reported by The Guardian.

“The letter was misinformed,” said Katharine Kollins, president of the Southeastern Wind Coalition.

She's being nice. Droz is an obsessive nut-job, and any lawmaker listening to his drivel is going to be led down the road to Crazytown. Just to give you an idea of the mind behind this Climate Change denialism and hatred for wind energy, here are a few graphics from the "Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions." See if you can spot the common theme:

The billboard design was taken from a page of several billboard options Droz would love for like-minded individuals or groups to put up, and the slutty Lady Liberty was taken from his Global Warming page.

And (of course) prostitution is the common theme. I don't know if he fantasizes about hiring a hooker, or if he already did and is filled with self-loathing, but the dude could use a few sessions with a therapist to work through whatever is rattling around up there.