Diebold Rejected by Forsyth County Election Board

Apparently, Diebold can muscle through the State Board of Elections despite not following North Carolina law, but Forsyth County is able to stand up to them. Citing citizen concern over the accuracy of touch-screen voting, the Board chose an optical scan machine instead, which has a paper trail, less vulnerable to being hacked, and costs half as much incidently. The company anticipating the contract, Diebold. From the Winston-Salem Journal:

The Forsyth County Board of Elections decided yesterday to recommend that county commissioners buy voting machines that scan paper ballots instead of buying touch-screen machines that record votes electronically.

The board did recommend buying some electronic touch-screen machines but only for use at handicapped-accessible voting stations.

The new system will replace the punch-card method of voting that will be abandoned by next year, by order of state election officials.

Concerns over voter confidence drove the board's decision despite recent state laws requiring all electronic machines to keep a paper trail of each vote tallied.

The board also recommended that commissioners select machines made by the Election Systems and Software Co.

That also went against the recommendation of county elections officials who favored a DRE system made by Diebold Election Systems.

Good for the Forsyth County Board of Elections for standing up for accurate machines. If you want to thank them, their e-mail address is here.