The Devil's Tramping Ground

Warning: this post has absolutely nothing to do with North Carolina Politics. But it is about North Carolina. And the Devil.

This was news to me: in the woods near Siler City, there is a circle on the ground, more than ten meters across, where nothing will grow. For sure, nothing has grown there for a century. According to folklore, the streak is more like 400 years long. There are strange noises at night, and items left in the circle overnight are gone by morning.

One explanation is that a great Indian Chief, Croatan, is buried there. Another explanation is that Druids visited the spot a thousand years ago and did something... druidy... there. Of course, UFOs are a possibility. But the most widely accepted explanation is that the Devil, out pacing and thinking at night, wears the spot down and makes it sterile. Yeah, that makes the most sense. Devil's Tramping Ground links are below the fold, along with a question for you.

NC is full of ghost stories like this one. What are your favorites?


The devil for sure.

Satan is definitely the most likely explanation. Either that or it's the birthplace of the Puppetmaster.

Nah! All Wrong! hahaha!

Notice where it is located! In the woods near Siler City!! Just a bunch of undetached sprits of my ancestors running around at night & probally mad cause they cant find no good Scotch to drink! Hence the wind, Just one of the old bags wanting to blow off some steam! But I sure would like to go there!
Daniel Siler