Dems crushing Republicans in mail-in requests

This information is from July 13 by Old North State Politics.

Here's an update on mail-in ballot requests, starting with Orange County.

  • 2567 Democrats
  • 104 Republicans
  • 1294 Unaffiliated

Today's total of nearly 83K saw an increase of 9,351 over yesterday's total for the 81 counties (again, these 81 counties were nearly 95% of all the 2016 ballot requests). As more counties continue to report, the 83K requests is likely an underestimated number.

  • Registered Democrats: 54%
  • Registered Unaffiliated: 35%
  • Registered Republicans: 10%
  • All other parties: 1%

This is a huge difference from what was reported this time four years ago:

  • Registered Democrats: 38%
  • Registered Unaffiliated: 25%
  • Registered Republican: 37%

Over 50% of the nearly 83K NC requests so far have come from just five counties (out of the 81 which have reported among the 100 counties):

  • Wake: 15,520 (18.75%)
  • Mecklenburg: 15,219 (18.38%)
  • Durham: 5,445 (6.58%)
  • Guilford: 4,934 (5.96%)
  • Orange: 3,980 (4.81%)



Trying out some new posters

Someone said the design looks like a mistake because if bleeds off the top and you think there's something missing.

Am I wrong to like it for that same reason?

This is encouraging ...

... but we cannot get complacent.

Part of this may be due to enthusiasm by Democrats to get out the vote, but part of what might be going on is that Republicans are taking the pandemic less seriously and not thinking of voting by mail as an option right now, particularly in rural areas.