Democrats should be worried (NCSPIN)

Democrats should be worried (NCSPIN 5/4/06)

Hidden quietly amidst the reports of Tuesday's elections returns was the story that the longest-tenured House Democrat, Edd Nye, was defeated. To report accurately, Nye trails William Brisson by 64 votes, but all the precincts are in and it appears unlikely that Nye can recover enough to claim victory.

What happened? Residents of the district saw yard signs all over with headlines saying, "House for Sale," displaying Edd Nye's picture. Joe Sinsheimer and his campaign promised ads and yard signs against Black supporters. Nye was a House Appropriations Chair and member of Black's inner circle and had been rumored to become House Rules chair (see below).

While Speaker Black was complaining to reporters about Art Pope's efforts to unseat Richard Morgan and the group of Republicans who had formed the power-sharing coalition he might well have been better advised to be more reflective. In the first place, Black failed to recognize the rich irony of the situation. He had thrown hundreds of thousands of dollars to friends of his in order to get them elected to the House. He now appears to have problems with Art Pope doing precisely the same thing.

Here's the really critical point. If Art Pope, his money, and the Republican Party can mount a campaign to rid themselves of the Morgan Moderates, what would a well financed coordinated campaign do to the numbers of Democrats in the House ?

Voters are increasingly aware of and disdainful of corruption, unethical conduct, and abuses of power, be they real or perceived. Edd Nye wasn't a bad legislator…he was just too close to Jim Black and he paid for it.

Democrats should open their eyes to what is going on outside Raleigh and recognize that Speaker Black is tainted goods and a well financed, well coordinated and targeted effort might see the balance of power shift come November. They should be worried.



And we should also recognize that if we put up yard signs with Hayes' and Taylor's faces on them with a caption reading "House for Sale" it can be very freaking effective.

With Lance's permission, I think we ought to have us a fundraiser to independently bankroll yardsigns, bumperstickers. I'd like to get a thousand stickers reading "Taylor/Abramoff" and plaster them in every rural county in the district.

Branding works. Just ask Karl Rove.

Scrutiny Hooligans -

We have to file with the IRS

as a 527 and file with the FEC if we raise more than $1000 and promote candidates.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

We have made some of these points here.

Many of us have called for Jim Black to step down and not necessarily because we think he's guilty of any crimes. He is certainly guilty of using poor judgment and he's admitted it. I don't know why he is hanging on. It's beyond me.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

For the longest time I

For the longest time I advocated the view that Black should not step down unless he was indicted but given the amount of play it gives to democratic opponents at this point I am rethinking that position. I wish he would just see the light and do the right thing by stepping aside on his own in the interests of the party but then again if wishes were nickels I'd be rich........He has to realize at this point that he is the grease clogging the drain in terms of the public wanting to see corruption flushed away. We stand at a very good turning point and it would be a shame to see it squandered