Democrats for Equality

Democrats for Equality is an exciting new project of the Young Democrats of North Carolina. We're launching this campaign because the Executive Committee of the Young Democrats of North Carolina voted unanimously to make defeating the pro-discrimination Constitutional Amendment our foremost priority during the primary season.

Our focus is going to be activating young voters to vote against the Constitutional Amendment, and then bringing them back out to vote against the General Assembly members who put the Amendment on the ballot. Please sign up to volunteer or host a house party today!

We'll be rolling out more information in the coming weeks but we're asking Democrats of all ages to sign up and reach out to other Democrats about the importance of voting against the Constitutional Amendment.

Also, if you're free tonight, please join us at Undercurrent in Greensboro at 8:30 PM!


NC Dems Pro-Equality?

I'm excited to see the possibility of the NC Democratic party becoming a firmly pro-equality party. We've been flirting with the idea for a while, but aren't quite there yet.

But seeing pro-equality leadership like Chair David Parker, seeing Elaine Marshall, Ken Lewis, and Cal Cunningham all make major pro-equality steps compared to anyone who has run for senate in the past, seeing efforts like this with the young dems, and now seeing that we have the possibility during the primary to have candidates who are pro-equality running for governor, I might just get fired up about these elections.

PDNC and OCDP are in

The Progressive Democrats of NC voted to join the Coalition to Protect NC Families in December and the Orange County Demcocratic Party passed a resolution against the amendment on Monday and joined the Coalition as well. The Orange County Commissioners also passed a resolution against the Amendment this week.


Can we do the same tomorrow at the NCDP SEC meeting?

Resistance is Fertile

I hope so

Can we do the same tomorrow at the NCDP SEC meeting?

I would love to see that!

We did it, Jake

The NC Democratic Party voted today to oppose the amendment as a body and nary a dissenting peep was heard. The Charter for the LGBT Democrats of NC was passed with a rousing, standing ovation! Some people had tears in their eyes, they were so proud of NC Democrats.

Forward Ever. Not One step Back!

Resistance is Fertile

Thank you.

I'm very glad to hear that. My faith in the Democratic Party had started to waiver lately, with so many friends abandoning ship to become independents and with commitments to equality seeming to ever be at the back burner, but now that faith is being restored.

How does one get involved with, and learn more about the group? I know Sam Spencer recently started the Dems for Equality, is it the same as, or connected to that?

This means a lot to me. Thank you to anyone reading this who helped make this happen.

NC Chapter of Stonewall Democrats. Is it time?

I wonder if it's time for a Stonewall Democrats chapter in North Carolina.

After this amendment fight is over there are going to be a lot of LGBT, allies, and young voters who want to stay politically engaged. Whether they end up in the Democratic party is an open question.

Maybe it's time to catch up to South Carolina and Alabama. Maybe this project could end with a chapter being created in NC? Just an idea to throw out there.