"Democrats controlled NC for a century"

Lots of comments on lots of newspaper sites attempting to remind us that "Democrats controlled NC for more than a century," or similar sentiments.

We need to remind these misguided souls that, until about 1970 or so, most southern Democrats, including those in NC, were segregationists. And we need to make sure to point out that today's GOP are the ideological offspring of those segregationists. If the GOP suddenly embraced the idea of equality for all Americans, these segregationists would find another party home.



The era of the high segregationists eludes those who do not know history - people like Talmage, Furnifold Simmons, Helms, Wallace, etc. There were White Supremacists of high order, who the Teaparty Republicans are imitating as they play at being the White Peoples' Party. I all too well remember Jim Crow, which the
GOP is working diligently to revive. These people do not remember a Democratic Party which in 1947-8 passed a "right to work" law now still in effect, at the behest of the textile mill lords and tobacco overlords - just after
the Taft Hartley Act which crippled unions. Oh, and I remember the local Klan and its threats to anyone
wanting to help blacks in any way, overt threats - and they were Democrats. Now, they are all Teabilly Republicans in the White Peoples Party. Ain't come far enough to suppress white dominance.



People need to understand

People need to understand that NC was a "one party" state since the fusionists lost power in 1898-1900. While a one party state the "one party", in this case the Democratic Party is the home for all that want to participate politically. The primary was (with a few exceptions) the election. The general election was a formality. Thus there were always traditionalist and modernist factions that fought for control. I wouldn't call any of them "liberals" as many mistakenly do. The modernists promoted things like education, and infrastructure and are what set us apart from most of the rest of the South. NC has never fit into those neat little simplistic boxes.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Yes In Deedy - education and infrastructure for Whites

Best I read most of all that goodness from the "modernists" wound up being for White People. As as for being in or out of a "box", NC people proved just as insular, backward and stupid as any other southern state - I don't excuse my family members from being terminally stupid and mean to boot. Wrong is wrong and there are not different flavors. Watched this place for 70 years and it is still mean.