The Democrats of the 5th on Display

There were a couple of high profile candidates that decided not to run in NC-5 against Virginia Foxx (R), but we do have four Democrats in a primary battle to run against her. The Winston-Salem Journal highlights the race in this article. You will have to click the article to read the whole thing, but I will quote the introduction of the candidates:

The candidates are Mark Glen, an architect in Winston-Salem; Syn-di Holmes, a nurse who lives Mocksville; Roger Kirkman, a public-information officer in Winston-Salem and the 2004 primary runner-up; and Roger Sharpe, a former state senator from Harmony who once worked as the special assistant to the director of the Office of Civil Rights under the Carter administration.

If anyone else has information on any of these candidates, please share in the comments since I only know them through this and other articles.



For the life of me, I can't see how Ginny Foxx continues to get support from people she screws with almost every vote she makes. Must be some kind of kool aid in the water in her district.

Not True

We have very good water, just not enough of it.

Who knows why people still support Virginia?

Roger Sharpe

Ive talked to each of the candidates except Syndi. Roger Sharpe would have been my first choice, and I think that he is becoming the consensus candidate. Hes a really sweet guy, and such a juxtaposition from Foxx.


I can go for a sweet guy.


Seriously. I'm coming to the conclusion that a big part of our problem is simply the preponderance of assholes. More nice guys would be good.