Democratic NC Legislator: "Trees are unfair to advertisers!"

One of our very own General Assembly members agrees with the billboard industry that trees around billboards are getting too uppity. To solve this growing problem, he's introduced legislation that would double the space in front of a billboard in which trees can be cut. Double it. Do you recall the last time you were driving down the highway and had less than a completely unobstructed view of the Cracker Barrel billboard?

From the N&O:

Rep. Nelson Cole, a Reidsville Democrat who is pushing the change, said he wants to help the billboard industry and companies that use the signs to advertise.

"It's unfair to private industry, private corporations that support our economy, to restrict them from cutting to the extent that their product can't be seen," he said.

Cole, a retired automobile dealer, received $1,000 from the billboard industry political action committee in March, according to records filed with the State Board of Elections.

Also: "Under the bill, companies would also be freed from paying to replace trees they cut down in the right of way."

Sheesh. The bill is H1827. Here's a list of Finance Committee members. If your Representative is on the list, tell him or her to kill this sucker and quick. Mine is, and I did.


Meets Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays at 8:30 am in 544

Chairman Rep. Alexander
Chairman Rep. Gibson
Chairman Rep. Howard
Chairman Rep. Luebke
Chairman Rep. McComas
Chairman Rep. Wainwright
Vice Chairman Rep. Daughtridge
Vice Chairman Rep. Hill
Vice Chairman Rep. Ross
Vice Chairman Rep. Weiss
Vice Chairman Rep. Womble
Members Rep. B. Allen, Rep. Blackwood, Rep. Blust, Rep. Bordsen, Rep. Capps, Rep. Carney, Rep. Dockham, Rep. England, Rep. Faison, Rep. Fisher, Rep. Folwell, Rep. Glazier, Rep. Goforth, Rep. Hackney, Rep. Harrell, Rep. Holliman, Rep. Insko, Rep. Jones, Rep. Lewis, Rep. Lucas, Rep. McGee, Rep. Rayfield, Rep. Underhill, Rep. Vinson, Rep. Walend, Rep. Wiley


Great post, Lance.

Now if someone would just take those chainsaws to the billboards themselves . . . that would be a bill I could get behind.

Isn't this a safety issue, too?

The newspaper says this would increase the viewing time per billboard from about 2.5 seconds to more than 5 seconds. Whatever happened to eyes on the road? This bill is so rotten that I need an eyewash station.

links don't work

the links to legislators just put up the BlueNC homepage.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


Activist trees must be stopped. They are against our freedom.

From Deep In The Heart Of Texas

From Deep In The Heart Of Texas

Noticed in Chapel Hill

Council Member Laurin Easthom brought this up at the June 26 Council Meeting. You can view an HTML version of her presentation on the Town's website.

It has some nice visuals that show the impact.

The journey isn't the reward any more.

I don't think think those South of the Border signs have any problem being seen. Ironically a lot of billboards are for "tourism" destinations. I guess if you trash everything else they become the only places worth visiting.


I sent a note to Rep Luebke, my rep in the House. Of course, I am certain that he already opposes this sucker.