Democratic Legislature: A "Do Something", not "Do Nothing" Session

Let me go ahead and admit that I am understandably biased on this post: I'm a former Democratic House member who is married to an outstanding current Democratic House member, works in State government on the legislature's front lines, and serves in several roles in county, district and State party committees.

Instead of a bias, it is more accurate to say that those connections afford me an encyclopedia of more first-hand information than your casual observer, pundit or commentator.

So, consider the great accomplishments of the 2007 legislature, and its Democratic majorities in both chambers:

Enacted additional campaign finance reforms

Enacted reforms in legislative ethics and election law changes

Enacted another pilot public financing program for certain Statewide candidates

Enacted changes in State law that remove the burden of the Medicaid match from counties - (This measure is one I first began working on 10 years ago when only a handful of rural counties were pleading for the change; like many changes, it took time and the addition of a majority of other counties before there was change)

Enacted a high risk insurance pool

Adopted a $20 Billion state budget that provides more resources for education than ever before, and includes more options for counties in need of constructing more public schools

Enacted significant legislation regarding solid waste disposal and limiting the negative impacts of mega-dumps

Enacted legislation that makes NC a leader in energy conservation, promotion of alternative fuels, etc.

Enacted legislation that provides for greater access to public records

Enacted pay raises for State employees and educators

Enacted mental health parity legislation

Enacted legislation that helps combat rate evaders (i.e., the tens of thousands of out-of-state folks - mostly from New York and New Jersey - who fraudulently purchase automobile insurance in NC)

Adopted resolutions where the State formally apologized for slavery, the 1898 Wilmington race riot, and its eugenics program

... and many other positive initiatives.

Notwithstanding, many Republicans - or at least the highly-partisan, right-wingers - will decry the above and say that the 2007 session was a failure because it did not pass legislation seeking a Constitutional amendment against gay marriage. (There is already a statute on the books addressing this topic.)

Those same Republicans and some pundits have labeled this a "Do-Nothing" legislative session.

I beg to differ. If anything, the Democratic leaders in Raleigh made this a "Do Something" session. And they did it quite well.


Thanks, Wayne.

With your permission, I'd like to send this post to our county party's email list.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

Reply to lcloud

You certainly have my permission, lcloud, to use my initial post above ... as does any other NC Democrat!

When we show what we Democrats and our Democratic legislators have accomplished and why, then we make tremendous inroads with the growing bloc of unaffiliated voters. Onward and upward!

Thank you!

Now that you've given permission, we're going to use it in the Moore County Democratic Party Monthly Newsletter.

All appropriate credit, etc. will be given.

And you're right. Onward and upward indeed. We will turn this county blue - or at least more purple, one precinct at a time.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi


Thanks for the summary. Any thoughts on whether we will see a special session this fall to address transportation needs? Inflation of the cost of building materials is about to put NCDOT out of business, or at least in a long term holding pattern.

2 more wishes/we are never satisfied/thanks for this list

1, A Constitutional Amendment guaranteeing the right to health care.

2, An energy bill that promoted alternative energies and did not mix that up with other negative planks...that did not encourage energy companies to build additional coal plants at total risk to consumers.

BUT I Too want to send this list that Wayne has all my friends. Very cheerful and impressive.