"Democratic" judicial mailer produced by GOP firm KAP Strategies

And the Board of Elections needs to investigate this nonsense immediately:

"He got his start in politics while attending junior college and did everything there was to do on a nationally-targeted congressional race. His tenacity and versatility as a “super volunteer” caught the attention of national Republican operatives who brought him to Washington, D.C. as an intern and then as a Capitol Hill staffer. But it was campaigning, not policy making, that Ted Prill loved so he went to work honing his skills on races across the country.

Besides the NRCC, groups like The Free Enterprise Fund, Freedom Watch, and the U.S. Coalition for Global Engagement have sought out Ted’s expertise. He brings his talents as a senior consultant, strategic thinker and hands-on operative to corporations here in the United States and to campaigns overseas."

Make no mistake, this is part of a concerted effort to suborn the judiciary, by doing two things: a) Stacking the November ballot with Democrats to dilute their chances, and b) Alienating voters from the Democratic Party in general with this ham-handed fake outreach. This story is developing, as I'm still trying to connect the moneymen behind it...



A few more dots connected.

But still not sure where the money came from:

The group behind the mailers and an associated website is calling itself The Alliance for Fairness in Justice. The group's IRS registration form lists former N.C. House Republican Caucus Director Jim Burton as its primary contact.

Burton is no longer on the NCGOP staff but works as an independent political consultant for Republican candidates, including N.C. House candidate Bobby Hanig's campaign. He did not respond to an email inquiry Sunday.

The other two people listed on the IRS form are out-of-state political consultants, including Ted Prill of Texas-based KAP Strategies, which has worked for the N.C. Chamber in the past. The Chamber said Monday that it's not involved in judicial races and isn't connected to The Alliance for Fairness in Justice.

This is a little too sleazy for the NC Chamber, so I don't doubt their denial. But somebody paid for this shit, and we will find out.