Raleigh, North Carolina – October 17, 2008 – Members of both parties will join together in rare bipartisan pickets of two malls that are key early voting sites in Wake County. The chairs of both parties will address the crowds and answer questions from the press. Neither mall will allow voter education or greeting of voters by any candidates or parties.

WHO: Doris Weaver, Chair of the Wake County Democratic Party,

David Robinson, Chairman of the Wake County Republican Party,

and citizens for informed voting.

WHAT: Picketing and protest rally.

WHEN AND WHERE: The Party Chairs will address the picketers at 10:30 at Cary Towne Center and at 11:30 at Triangle Towne Center on Saturday, October 18.

WHY: Voters who go to two of Wake County’s primary early voting sites will be denied the opportunity to get last-minute advice and information from all parties and candidates. The Board of Elections leased space for voting at Cary Towne Center Mall and Triangle Towne Center Mall. Neither mall will allow any voter education or greeting of voters by any candidates or parties.

Weaver, Chair of the Wake County Democratic Party, said in an email to local Democratic Party leaders earlier this week, “We are asking that you contact mall management and ask that both the Democratic and Republican Parties (yes, we are presenting a united front) be allowed to each have a table with our candidate information on it and a person there to answer questions to ensure voters have all the necessary information before they vote. We are depending on you because our efforts and the Obama campaign efforts to work with the two malls have failed.”

The lease agreement signed by the Board of Elections with the mall management does require prior written approval for many activities, including many that are needed for electioneering. The assumption was that the malls would allow legal and nondisruptive electioneering, as is the case at all other polling sites. John Gilbert, Chairman of the Wake County Board of Elections, said on October 15th, “Frankly, this slipped by me, Michelle Lewis, and David Robinson. I don’t recall discussing this at the [Board of Elections] meeting and certainly it wasn’t discussed at any great length.” Lewis is the Executive Director of the Wake County Democratic Party.


Doris Weaver, Chair of the Wake County Democratic Party

919-828-5656 or 889-8382

220 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh NC 27603


Doris Weaver, Questionable leadership

Doris Weaver wants people to protest and harass the mall management and disrupt shoppers headed to the mall? Weaver and Michelle Lewis should be held accountable for this screw up. Gilbert's concerns should be focused on making sure voters have access and can not be bullied into voting one way or the other. Weaver screwed up and should be working with mall management to negotiate rather than harass so she turns to bullying tactics. She owe an apology to the candidates for being caught clueless. Instead, she turns this into a 60's protest to get her name out there. Too clueless to see she's advertising her mistake by calling for a protest. This is a privately owned property and she should have read the lease, follow the requirements and submit a written request per the agreement. There's always the option of campaigning on the sidewalk perimeter of the Mall. Doris Weaver ain't too bright.

Chair Weaver dumb blonde?

What happened to the chair of the county democrats in Wake County? Saw her on tv two days ago. She looks like she's ill. Face is bloated, hair has gotten blonder? Looks like a sharpei. Boneheaded move on the mall lease and she's called news attention to it? Dumb blonde or just an idiot?

When is her term up?

Over the top rude

I don't know the chair and I don't know how to answer your questions other than to say your post was more than a little meanspirited.

I see that you've only been signed on a short while, so perhaps your intent was simply to be a jerk.

Nice to know what to expect, I suppose.