Democrat Roger Sharpe (NC-5)

Meet Roger Sharpe, a farm boy from Sandy Springs, NC.

Sharpe is a former State Senator for this area, a lifetime public servant, and an unlikely author of such Southern masterpieces as "Ceremony Of Innocence."

As a young man, Sharpe was inspired by introductions to such notable persons as the Reverend Dr. Clarence Jordan, founder of the inter-racial Koinonia Farm in Americus, Georgia; Dr. Anna Arnold Hedgeman, a prominent African-American civil rights leader and educator; and the Reverend Will Campbell, recipient of a Presidential Medallion in the Humanities. Sharpe’s participation on the Baptist Student Union LISTEN Team in Winston-Salem with children living in slum-housing in the neighborhood of Patterson Avenue and Northwest Boulevard also would influence his life’s work profoundly.

And unlike college drop-out and firee Foxx, Roger Sharpe is a brilliant scholar.

He subsequently attended the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University Roger returned my call the day after he announced he was running to just chat and let me know a little about his life, and why he thought that he was a candidate young dems and Watauga County citizens should work their butts off for.

He also served as special assistant to the Director of the US Office for Civil Rights in negotiating higher education desegregation plans during the Jimmy Carter Administration.

Ill have more on Roger as the campaign heats up. But please visit his website, and learn what you can about him.

His opponent, Virginia Foxx is the worst legislator this side of hell. Among other things she has voted...
-against the Katrina Relief package (1 of 11 to do so)
-against renewing the Voting Rights Act (1 of 33 to do so)
-for drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

She also held a hearing awhile back called something like "Illegal Aliens: criminals, rapists, and child-haters in our midst."

Jerry Williamson does a great deal of work to show off Foxx's evilness at WataugaWatch.

Thanks for checking out first-rate candidate Roger Sharpe, Democrat for the fifth-district of North Carolina!




A person's character can be seen through those in whom they associate. Besides Big Oil contributions, Foxx recieved money (totaling $15k) from Tom DeLay's PAC ARMPAC, on not one, but two occasions. Her chief of staff is an ex-DeLay aide. Her votes against Katrina and the Voting Rights Act are unconscionable. If you throw in the rest of her dirty voting history, it is fair to conclude that she does not represent ANYBODY here in North Carolina.

A minor correction here - even though jwrandolph's post summarizes the emotion well. Her hearing in our area for illegal immigration was entitled "Gangs, Fraud, and Sexual Predators: Struggling with the Complications of Illegal Immigration." Another example of Foxx' fearmongering, bigotry, and scapegoating. Check out the link:

Please visit and donate now. Let's take back our Congress and our future from the cronies like Foxx.


thanks for the fix on the immigration hearing title. I couldnt find it anywhere!

Why the hell...

haven't we been focusing on this race since January. Sure, Foxx is "safe", but in an election when Congressional seats in Idaho require millions of dollars from the RNC, Foxx could be sucking money away from Hayes and Taylor.

It seems like time is almost up. I'll say it again, something drastic needs to be done if this race is going to be competitive. It's 4 and 15, two minute warning, no timeouts, and you are down by 7.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

You don't have to remind me

Personally, I never realized how strong a candidate Roger Sharpe was until lately. None of the candidates filed until the very last day (literally) and most of our tier-one candidates declined to run (although it wasnt from lack of trying.) Winston-Salem mayor Allen joines could have made it competitive, as well as a few other folks.

One of the most energiazed county parties in the state is in Watauga County. None of the 4 Democrats showed up at our county convention except for Glen. He was a nice guy, but not a terribly experienced speaker, and a little nervous.

That said, none of them were able to excite our county part early. That would have helped.