Delegate selection today in the 9th district

I was very disappointed to hear a list of delegates who had been officially endorsed by the Obama campaign read before the delegates by a campaign worker before we voted today. This was not the list of approved candidates, this was a list of the four candidates who had the endorsement of the campaign.

This really stinks.

Anybody else have something like this happen?


Wacky, convoluted process

The whole male/female thing, how the breakouts are assigned and how they don't factor in the makeup of the actual delegates. It's all so arbitrary and, frankly, seems pretty unfair.

But hey, that's just me. ; )

A lot of it stinks.

Note to Obama campaign: WTF?

If one of them was Vinod......

I wonder if the Obama campaign endorses what he did? I'll have to check with someone with the Obama campaign to see.

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Yes, he was on the list

Vinod was on the list, I didn't recognize the other names.

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Who is Vinod?

Also, they did what?!!!

There was a list of approved candidates and an Obama staffer came in and read out a list of four names that had been approved by the official campaign?

How did the voting go?

Nothing like this in the 4th.

not only approved but endorsed

She got up and said "These people are endorsed by the Obama campaign" and then read the names.

The male and female endorsed delegates won in the first round of voting, don't know about the other two, I left.

They were the only two that reached the 20% mark in first round voting to progress to the second round so they won automatically.

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In the 12th, some people had letters of endorsement

I wasn't paying attention to the letterhead but the letters did have Obama somewhere in the title. Not sure the letters had much sway.

It took all day just to whittle down the 30 or so female contenders for the Obama delegation to three. And yet again, the resolutions took backstage to the candidate activity.

Mel Watt gave an interesting speech. He asked that we engage issues of race when confronted so as to take advantage of a dialog that Americans have need to address and to keep the issue from being marginalized and turned into a weapon by our opponents. I was very pleased to hear his view. It's a fundamental discussion to try and come to terms with in a country that its very fiber is made up of diversity.

Progressive Democrats of North Carolina


We only had one resolution and it dealt with attendence at statewide meetings.

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Very glad I stayed out of all of the pledged delegate stuff.

Also, a happy announcement: should our nominee win North Carolina, I will cast one of the 15 special votes in Raleigh.

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You realize, of course, that when we cast our ballots in November for president, we're constitutionally really voting for Sam Spencer, then right? Welcome to the national ticket!!

Same in NC-8

Both of the females who won in the eighth district (one actual delegate, one alternative) were "endorsed" by the campaign. I swear I'm not being snarky (for those who know my loyalties), but it was obviously not in keeping with the "new kind of politics" of the Obama campaign. The delegate process should have been open and free from such things.

on the bright side

There were a lot of new faces at the convention, hopefully they will stick around and help in the future.

"jump in where you can and hang on"
Briscoe Darling to Sheriff Andy

I didn't make it to the 6th district convention after all

so I don't know if this was the case there or not.

Our County Party secretary Dianne Greene, reports,

Thirteen delegates from Moore County attended the convention today. The following candidates addressed the attendees:
  1. Kay Hagan
  2. Kristin Ruth
  3. Sam Ervin IV
  4. Ron Ansley
  5. Don Vaughn
  6. Betty Mangum
  7. Teresa Bratten

The allocation of delegates to candidates was based on the Primary voting in our district. Three Hillary Clinton delegates and one alternate Clinton delegate were chosen to represent the vote of the district. Two Obama delegates were elected: one of whom was Tessie Taylor from Aberdeen. It was exciting to have a Moore County delegate elected. Way to go Tessie!!! Nancy Barton from Moore County also was on the Obama delegate ballot but was not selected. Kudos to both of them!

Nine resolutions were voted on and eight were approved. The eight approved included the following:

  1. Abolish the Death Penalty
  2. Protect Social Security and Medicare
  3. Support of Higher Education for Immigrant Students
  4. Support for Canceling Duke Energy’s Proposed New Coal Plant at Cliffside
  5. Support of Restoring Collective Bargaining Rights to Public Employees
  6. Support of National Housing Trust Fund
  7. End to Warrantless Wiretapping, withholding Legal Counsel from Prisoners
  8. Support of Strict Adherence to the Geneva Convention and the Elimination of Torture of Prisoners of War.

The resolution that did not pass was a resolution to Reaffirm National Democratic Rules for Seating Delegates from Michigan and Florida.

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We had "guests" 1-4 at our convention, too. I won't go into it now, but certainly have a comment or two about that NC Court of Appeals race.

I would have been interested in the wording of Resolution #7. I know some of these resolutions make us feel good, but (oftentimes?) they have a tendency to not fully understand all the legal issues involved. Every county needs their token lawyer to help w/ resolution wording.

Nice to hear about the other resolution not passing...:) Oh well, it'll get solved (theoretically) by the DNC at the end of the month. I don't see what the big deal necessarily is...cut both candidates delegates in half from Florida, and as to Mich., I'll admit that's stickier. I would propose giving both candidates half (give Sen. Obama half of the entire "no preference" slate), but I know the Obama folks might not accept that. But I think there can be a fair settlement that doesn't upset too many people, or at least upsets everyone equally (the sign of a good compromise).

Sorry you couldn't make it to your convention! Plan on going to the state convention??

No, I'm not going to New Bern.

Our local theater is showing Rocky Horror Picture show for the first time in 15 years that night. I'm involved in the planning and production. I'm actually working security(!!) for the night of the event.

As for MI and FL, I'm not thrilled with the idea of splitting the delegates down the middle. Obama didn't campaign in either state. Many Democrats knew that the agreement was that their vote wasn't going to count in the Presidential race, so they may not have voted at all in that race, or in any race at all. Even when I was still an Edwards girl, I didn't think they should be seated. Michigan, especially, knew and agreed to the rules, had a Democratic governor and legislature, so has very little excuse to fall back on in this. I find the Clinton argument disingenuous at best.

I hope there can be a fair settlement that upsets everyone. I think Obama is going to wind up with enough delegates with or without FL and MI, so it's actually a cow's opinion* at this point.

*It's moo. (How many people watched Friends?)

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Wouldn't it?

Don't you think we could raise a whole bunch of money with that?

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