Decker pleads guilty in Black Probe

Newsflash: Decker pleads guilty in Black Probe

Former Representative Michael Decker admitted in federal court today receiving $50,000 and a legislative job for his son in exchange for supporting Jim Black for a third term as House speaker in 2003.
The former Forsyth County lawmaker, who switched parties from Republican to Democrat, pleaded guilty to a single of charge of conspiracy to extort, commit mail fraud and launder money.

He is to be sentenced Nov. 1. He could get five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

The plea agreement read in court today said that Decker met with a Democratic House member to discuss the political deal, but the papers did not name that person. Later, Decker received an envelope containing $38,000 in checks and $12,000 in cash, court documents said. An unnamed Democratic House member delivered the money, whose source was unclear. A prosecutor said that much of the money went into Decker's campaign account.


Decker Pleads Guilty To Conspiracy

WRAL: Decker Pleads Guilty To Conspiracy

Also Tuesday, for the first time in federal court, State House Speaker Jim Black was implicated in the case.


The case now moves closer to Black, who has said he was happy that Decker switched parties, but denied giving money to Decker for the change in party affiliation.

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And Mike slipped in the midddle of night and stole Blacks checks

: Here's the statement from Black's office:

RALEIGH -- Below is a statement from Ken Bell, attorney for N.C. House Speaker Jim Black, D-Mecklenburg, in response to today's guilty plea by former Rep. Michael Decker, (R-Forsyth):

"It was obvious from the State Board of Elections hearing that Michael Decker stole checks that were meant for his campaign," said Ken Bell. "This would not be the first time someone got in trouble and made up stories about someone else to try to get out of it.

"Speaker Black continues to vehemently deny that he gave or offered anything to Decker in exchange for his vote. As Speaker Black has testified, Decker informed the Speaker of his intention to vote for him. Many witnesses are able to testify that Decker decided all on his own to vote for Dr. Black as Speaker in 2003 because Decker's party insulted him and Decker despised his party's leaders.

"Speaker Black neither gave, promised nor offered Decker anything for his vote. After Decker told the Speaker he intended to vote for him, the Speaker offered to help Decker raise funds for what was sure to be a tough re-election campaign, just as he would have done for any member of his caucus. If Decker is telling the government anything other than this, he is not telling the truth.

"Speaker Black would like to discuss this matter further, but I have advised him to make no additional public comments. The Speaker looks forward to the truth coming out, and the truth will completely vindicate him."

And Ferrell says he was mug and rob by Mike &Black at Pope Hq's


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Black Implicated in Conspiracy

"We were robbed," said Republican State Chairman.

Renews the call on Black to resign

(RALEIGH) –The next chapter of the Jim Black corruption saga came out today when former State Representative Michael Decker plead guilty to conspiracy in charges of corruption, implicating Black in a money for loyalty scheme wherein Decker would receive $50,000 and a state government job for his son in exchange for his support of Black. Despite Black’s continued claims of innocence this revelation clearly indicates Black and some of his lieutenants are under investigation.

“While the Democrats have remained silent enjoying the fruits of Jim Black’s corruption I, as well as 24 newspapers and countless of North Carolina citizens, have called upon House Speaker Jim Black to resign,” said Ferrell Blount, Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party. “The fact that the Democrats continue to support this scoundrel sickens me.”

Yesterday Jim Black gave House Democrats the credit for allowing him to stay in office saying, “The Democrats really stepped up and supported me. They knew I was under siege when the session began.” (“Optimistic Black Weathers Legislative Session, The News & Observer 7/31/06)

Although Black has shown his blatant disregard for campaign finance laws, his abuse of power, and his corrupt means of maintaining this power, The Democrat Party continues to support him.

“Michael Decker’s guilty plea has brought another aspect of Jim Black’s unethical actions to light,” said Ferrell Blount. “The Democrats hypocritical behavior of supporting ethics reforms in the General Assembly while supporting Jim Black’s corruption must end. They are responsible for Black continuing to be Speaker. It appears the only way to get rid of Jim Black is elect more Republicans to the House.”

The Michael Decker’s controversial story began in 2002 when the Republican Party obtained a one-vote majority in the NC House. Jim Black, realizing his political power was rapidly dwindling convinced Decker, a Republican, to switch parties. Decker’s defection led to a 60-60 parity in the House which paved the way for Black’s “power sharing” arrangement with former Co-Speaker Richard Morgan.

“We were robbed,” said Ferrell Blount. “In 2002 the majority of the citizens of North Carolina voted for a Republican House of Representatives and the Democrats stole it. Black and Decker will go down in history as the Bonnie and Clyde of North Carolina politics.”


Habemus Pablum

After all the Black smoke rising for the past few months Feral announced that the Republican Part-D is all ablaze. Don't worry there's plenty of crocodile tears to put out the virtual fire (where there's smoke there's mirrors).

In a later, less noticed, release Feral announced the installation of a Pope as the new leader and a re-branding of the Republican Party as Variety Wholesalers for all the cheap crap the try to sell to NC voters.

Was about to post that...

Glad you got to it first....I'm swamped. It isn't a good feeling. Not because I thought there wasn't something going on that shouldn't have been. But it doesn't make me happy to see it confirmed. I just feel sad and sick about this.

Edit: Please excuse my double/triple negatives. I'm too tired to rewrite the above.

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Virtues are lost in self interest

I think it is a perennial infection of incumbency that needs to be flushed clean often.

Virtues are lost in self interest as rivers are lost in the sea

Francois de La Rochefoucauld, (often incorrectly attributed to FDR)

Funny thing about conspiracy

The funny thing about conspiracy as a crime is that you cannot do it alone; there must be someone else guilty of it also. Jim Black, come on down!


No conviction does not equal no crime.

Ah, but he who lives in glass house gets dressed in basement!

I think I lost track of the point here. I guess I was saying that whether or not Black gets convicted is still an open question. If he doesn't get convicted, the question of whether he's guilty anyway is of little practical value compared to the operation of his campaign, whether or not he gets reelected to serve in the House, and whether or not he serves as speaker again.