Decimated Blue Dogs want to push Pelosi out

Heath Shuler offers his ring for kissing planting himself squarely in opposition to Nancy Pelosi in a run for Minority Leader in the House. My friend, Larry Kissell, also opposes Pelosi despite the fact it was her leadership that played at least a small role in ushering him into office in 2008. Blue Dogs lost well over half of their members yet for some reason - possibly arrogance - they think they can lead the party forward. I have one thing to say to that.


PS...I'm delighted that both Heath Shuler and Larry Kissell will be returning to Washington. They mirror their districts and must be doing a good job or they would not have won reelection in this climate.


Larry Kissell is not a blue dog.

You did not say he was, but lots of people think that.

Great point about Nancy Pelosi. She will win. She does not have to get every vote.


I disagree.

Shuler was elected to rid us Taylor.

He is a part of the reason we lost in this election. As a progressive I'm proud of what Pelosi did and the 11th Congress. BUT - - - it wasn't nearly enough. Shuler was not and will never be a progressive. Shuler ran against Pelosi - not on his piss poor record. That’s hardly a ringing endorsement. If the Rethugs had run someone more appealing and better supported Shuler would be looking for a jr hi school coaching position today - and as well he should.

To think that he can run the minority whip is ridiculous. I've heard he's said "He was tight w/ the president". Shuler is an arrogant fool.

I support Pelosi

but I don't yet share your enthusiasm for Kissell and Shuler returning to the House. That said, I have an open mind and will reserve judgment to see how much they enable the Republican agenda.

Shuler does not represent the remaining

House Dems well.

Still, after Tuesday's losses, moderate Democrats are now a very small part of the Democratic caucus. The bigger question, according to multiple Democratic sources, is what Pelosi's fellow progressives want her to do.

Americans United for Change, a progressive political organization, sent an email notice to its members Friday morning urging Pelosi to stay.

The notice asks people to send a personal note to Speaker Pelosi.

"Make sure she knows that we will support her," said the email.

If a lot of blue dogs lost, is the lesson to be taken from this really be more like a blue dog? I don't know if Pelosi is the right choice, but I do believe Shuler is the wrong one.

I have to disagree.

"PS...I'm delighted that both Heath Shuler and Larry Kissell will be returning to Washington. They mirror their districts and must be doing a good job or they would not have won reelection in this climate."

Many of us in Shuler's district voted for him with great regret. As someone said over at "Scrutiny Hooligans" he was the less ridiculous of two ridiculous choices.

Returning Shuler and Kissell and McIntyre

is not an endorsement but, as Ben said, a vote for the top layer of scuz rather than the true bottom of the barrel. I suspect Pelosi can handle whatever Shuler can do and return it twofold.

I'm hoping both are ousted in 2012.

Stan Bozarth

Those of you

who voted for Shuler did nothing but enable a disfunctional fool. It was blue dogs who lost not progressives.

I am not for a "smaller" tent. But I would sure like a dem who at least gave us a fighting chance w/ the most significant social legislatioan of our time. Was it a good peice - probably not; but what did the rethugs ever give us bu8t the damn doughnut hole.

Did anyone here really think we had a prayer?????

One more idiot tea bagger wouldn't have hurt.

I voted for Shuler

I weighed this decision long and hard over several weeks, and strongly considered leaving that race blank on my touchscreen.

His challenge for minority leader comes out of his vanity, and nothing more. He thinks he's brighter than he really is.

His great accomplishment in four years was to take a stand on the North Shore Road controversy in Swain County, after years and years of "chainsaw Charlie" refusing to do anything on that.

We could do better, but we could do a lot worse!


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