Dear John,

You just about had me completely reeled in. Just the other day, right here on BlueNC I told Anglico that I was ready to declare my intentions to support you. I pledged my undying love in a political sort of way. Then you did something that snapped the line and I'm once again wondering which candidate will gain my support in '08.

By now you know that I'm very loyal, so I'm sure you're wondering what you could have possibly done to lose me. It's very simple. It was something you said in your last letter to me.

Dear B,

The tide is turning in Democrats' favor. We have a strong chance of winning back the House in the 2006 elections. I've been working hard, traveling the country, and have already raised more than $6.65 million for Democrats. I've attended fundraisers for strong congressional candidates in more than a dozen states this election cycle and I'm committed to helping as many candidates as possible before November. Now, I'm looking to the One America online community to tell me which competitive races should be my primary focus.

Today, I'm launching One America Votes. This fall, I will headline fundraisers for two Democrats running for the House who have been selected by our online community. You - the voters - can choose candidates in any of the districts targeted by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The DCCC has targeted critical races where extra help can make a real difference in November. We need to hear from you by Friday, August 4th.

Cast your vote now.

If we want to build One America, we need to change our country's leadership. George Bush and the Republicans have done everything in their power to increase the gap between rich and poor. It's time to replace them with Democrats who will build One America - One America that is committed to ending poverty, lifting more families into the middle class, and giving everyone who works hard something to show for it.

I am committed to helping as many House candidates as possible before November and am looking for your input as to which races should be my primary focus. Please take a moment to vote and choose two candidates who will work hard to build One America that works for everyone. The deadline for voting is August 4th.

Let's decide together. Vote today.

I'm interested in getting feedback from your family and friends as well. Please forward this message and ask them to participate in One America Votes with you.

Thanks for taking a moment to help. Your input is important to me.

Your Friend,


You can imagine my excitement when my new-found political love announces he's going to help out other deserving candidates. I knew there would be two great men here in NC that I would have a chance to vote for on your list. So, with great anticipation I followed your link.

That's when it happened. I fell out of politicolove with you. Instantly. You see, there was a name missing from that list. A very important name. Larry Kissell. There are 47 boxes to check and 45 names. Two of the boxes represent candidates that haven't won primaries yet so can't be named. How can you do that and leave off the name of a fellow North Carolinian who won his 3-way primary with 54% of the vote?

I understand the DCCC has picked their little list of favorites, but I was counting on you to stand on your own two have a backbone. I don't count on the DCCC to have any sense, but I was counting on you.

There must be forces at work here that I can't understand besides following the DCCC lead. (I'm thinking head-up-the-arse syndrome.) Maybe you don't like good strong progressives. Maybe you're jealous because you think I love Larry more than I love you. (I do.) I don't know. I can't figure it out.

So, John. This is it. We're through. I know you have plenty of supporters, but this could have been special you and me. Suck it up, buddy. We can still be friends.

Warmest regards,



You crack me up....

I needed that laugh!

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Why were so many posts scrubbed from this?

I'm just asking.....

All the posts that were inflammatory toward me were scrubbed. I think they should be front and center so people can understand what went on here and decide for themselves. But then...that's just me.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Beats me.

I know nothing ... and I agree that the story of the debate is well worth preserving.

When in doubt, blame the Puppetmaster.


There are posts from Nan and Artemis31 missing from what I remember. There's one missing that specifically asked me to remove the picture. My response to that post is still up. Those missing were the harshest comments left and I feel strongly they should still be here. What remains is very tame. All the comments from what I remember were from OAC folks - except maybe Artemis31....don't know if she's OAC or not.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

This one

here? There are also some hard words about embarassment over at the other "Dear John" thread. I can't find any trace of anything else, either "unpublished" or "marked as spam" (which leaves open the possibility that they were flat out deleted by an admin).

Nope...there was another one


Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

And then there were...huh?

There were about 70 comments before it dropped back to about 50.

Thank you Greg

I was pretty sure I wasn't making this up....but then....

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Oh..I know you weren't

I was doubting myself. I remembered when I was checking the track changes that the comments were at 70 and then last night they dropped to 59 and then must have dropped again. I didn't think you were doubting me, but since I could only remember general comments I started to doubt my own memory that they had been a part of this thread. From what I recall the comments that are gone were from OAC members and were the most inflammatory. Tin foil hat time. :)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I thought this was the other thread for a second...

because of the low comment number. OK Anglico!!! I can see our illiterate friend "The Reckoning" blaming you for this now and calling you a commie!!! with all his triple!!! exclamation!!! points!!!

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

The Reckoning has been nail and mugged shot with his buddy

Voter Data Results From The NC Statewide Database
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For more information regarding your voting jurisdictions, polling place location, or other voter information; please contact your county board of elections.

Where will John B pics appear?

Oh, Cary's own political lunatic, Rachel Crackpot was represented. Her campaign manager/husband "Max" or Connie Mack Berry Jr was there to photograph yours truly. He first identified himself as a writer with "SOF", that's Soldier of Fortune magazine. Said something about wanting to interview me about illegal immigration into Cary. I have no idea where that came from. He now thinks I have a posse or "associates" out to get him or something or another. It's all very confused and sorta feeds back in on itself somewhere between his ears. Four days later and I still don't know what to make of it. Of course, showing up with a disposable camera means it'll take him a few days to get the pics developed then scanned, then photoshopped before he can start posting them.

Hi John! It appears that you have never heard of one hour
service. Great Pics!. By the way! I am the real deal, Just
ask Bob Brown and Tom Ressinger at SOF.

I did nothing

Cannot blame me for this one.

It looks like we were hacked then

Working for Change and I can remember a couple of exchanges that have been deleted and for the most part they involved OAC commenters. Most - but not all - involved some of their more unreasonable comments. I'll start keeping screenies of anything I want saved just in case. Some of my comments were erased and one comment made by WFC was erased as well.

It would be a shame for it to get out that OAC was going around getting comments scrubbed at sites when those comments make their members and Edwards look bad. It's dishonest and winds up looking worse than having the comments remain public.

So, to protect the tiny little speck of integrity that I have I will just put it out there that I don't agree with this and am deeply disappointed that it happened.

I'm glad that none of our three principals had anything to do with it. That does make me feel better.

I don't own a tin foil hat anymore, but I'll let others don theirs in trying to figure out what happened here.

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

A glitch seems more likely than a hack

Neither seems particularly likely, but I'm having a hard time imagining someone breaking into the site only to delete a few comments (of course, nothing's impossible).

Please let me know if anyone sees anything unusual.

Er, unusualer.

A glitch

on only one comment thread? Hmmm...maybe I needed that durned tin foil hat afterall.

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Like I said

Neither seems likely. And if it is a database glitch, it may have resulted in the disappearance of comments in other posts that we just haven't missed.


When I post this it will look exactly the same, 70 comments, the only difference is this image was retrieved on Jul 30, 2006 07:55:35 GMT (01:55:35 NC Time in Summer). Can't get the comments but they were there.