Dear Congressman McIntyre: If you're going to be a liar, change parties

Democrats in Congress these days benefit from an environment of low expectations. They don't get much done and most people seem just fine with that. But is it really asking too much for them to simply tell the truth to their constituents? Apparently not. If your name is Congressman Mike McIntrye, truth doesn't seem to be in the job description.

Adam Linker breaks it down at Progressive Pulse, based on a story in the Robesonian.

“This bill provides medical benefits for illegal aliens,” he said. “I can’t say it any more directly. That is absolutely unacceptable.”

He said the bill also proposes cutting many Medicare benefits for the nation’s seniors. “Senior citizens should not have any of their current benefits cut or reduced,” he added. “... I am absolutely going to continue to fight for senior benefits.”

What a lying POS ... and I don't mean "point of sale."


I'm going way out on a limb here,,,

But my guess is no.

I'll go further out and guess he wins re-election without still having heard of you.

But I bet he made his actual constituents really happy today.

Oh, he's heard of me

I've contacted his office dozens of times. He knows all about BlueNC. He just doesn't give a damn about what any Chapel Hill liberal thinks, just like he doesn't give a damn about being a bald-faced liar.

I suppose you think purposeful lying (or purposeful ignorance) is all well and good?

Of course I don't

But following your links didn't prove he was lying, and I'm not sure what proving an elected Democrat is a liar actually does for you?

Snark does not replace work.

Change is hard.

Ready to dig in and make a difference or just fulfill right wing expectations of Chapel Hill "bloggers" James.

Asked with love.

Fair enough

I've read everything I can find about the plans proposed in the House and there have seen nothing to suggest that what McIntrye is saying is true. And plenty of people whose judgment I respect suggest that it's not.

For better or worse, however, I've learned that facts don't really matter in politics. Apparently, Mr. Mike shares that same belief.

We each make whatever difference we choose according to our own talents and interests. One of my interests is to keep a community going, a forum that lets people (like you) engage, challenge, discuss, examine, learn, and, yes, even vent. I'm not a reporter or a researcher, I'm a scavenger. I also have a full-time job that has nothing to do with BlueNC.

I appreciate the sentiment of your comment. Thank you.

You are a good man that has done more for Dem's

...than most real Dem's. I know you are no longer one.

So I appreciate your sentiment even more.

Off the record? The times are messed up. As a real Democrat, I'm scared. We're about to lose the NC House and Senate.

Can you possibly bitch at Kay Hagan and other Dem's sometime later?

Nevermind. I know that "BlueNC" is a front for your anarchist model to take down Democrats. Carry on James.

What does his vote do for anyone?

According to Congress there are 149,000 uninsured people in the Congressman's district. How does voting against this bill help those people? How did voting against the budget which paid for a good chunk of health care reform help those people?

How does voting against tax credits for an estimated 14,500 small businesses in his district help them or their employees?

What is the Congressmen doing to help the estimated 750 families in his district from going bankrupt due to medical costs every year?

"Keep the Faith"

Robeson County Black Caucus slams McIntrye

In a LTE (Robesonian) Jimmy L Gilchrist President of Robeson County Black Caucus slams McIntyre for not representing his district. McIntyre has enjoyed much support in the past but his votes may finally be catching up with him..

Maybe cut McIntyre a little slack.

HR 3200 specifically does not bar all illegals from receiving healthcare. There are several caveats detailed in the bill which would allow illegal immigrants to receive coverage under current Cobra and HIPPA programs, and others.

Section 246 of HR3200 states, "Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States." That seems clear.

But then Section 152 states,"...all health care and related services (including insurance coverage and public health activities) covered by this Act shall be provided without regard to personal characteristics extraneous to the provision of high quality health care or related services."

So, on July 17, for the sake of absolute clarity, Rep. Dean Heller(R-NV)introduced an amendment that would have specifically prevented illegal immigrants from receiving government-subsidized healthcare under HR3200 or any other agreed-to taxpayer subsidized healthcare plan.

The House Ways and Means Committee quickly killed the Heller amendment by a 26-to-15 vote along straight party lines. No debate. No negotiation. No give 'n' take. Chairman Rangel quickly closed discussion and called for a vote.

It's not clear, as written, that illegal immigrants will be prohibited benefit of HR3200 or any other taxpayer-funded healthcare program. (Any attorney will tell you an absolute prohibition is not clear in the bill.) If there was no intent to cover illegal immigrants, why would the Democrats kill an amendment that would have absolutely prohibited it without question, or even discuss it?

Regarding Medicare cuts...

No, HR3200 does not require Medicare cuts. But Obama has proposed Medicare cuts in order to pay for HR3200.
The 6/14/09 edition of the LA Times reported "Under pressure to pay for his ambitious reshaping of the nation's healthcare system, President Obama today will outline $313 billion in Medicare and Medicaid spending cuts over the next decade to help cover the cost of expanding coverage to tens of millions of America's uninsured."

On 7/28/09, CBS News reported "Obama said that .... As health care costs rise, Congress would have to make decisions -- based on politics -- about what to potentially cut from Medicare".

On 6/13/09 CNN reported "President Barack Obama Saturday proposed an additional $313 billion in cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and other programs to pay for health care reforms expected to cost about $1 trillion over the next decade."

There is much confusion regarding HR3200. McIntyre's statements were certainly ham-handed, but I would suggest that his caution is warranted considering all that is on the line in this massive bill.

Anybody who has spent any time reading bills must agree that this is, perhaps, in the historic top ten of all bills that are damn near unreadable.

I'm a Republican. McIntyre is your guy, not mine. I'm not defending McIntyre. I'm just understanding his confusion.

Mike Wilburt

Good points, thanks for writing

It would have been great if had been "confused" instead of definitive about things he doesn't know for sure.

And please don't say McIntrye is "your guy." I know what you mean, but the sentiment gives me the willies.

Don't buy it. I think 246

Don't buy it. I think 246 holds up well enough and there's no need for additional clarification. I think that's why the amendment was readily discarded as being redundant. There's no secret plot to use contradictory or obscure language to allow illegal aliens to have free healthcare. There's no political benefit to it, anyway. It's about as stupid an idea politically as trying to pass legislation to allow illegal aliens to vote.

Another reason

The Heller amendment may also have been killed because of an attempt to ride the bill with other provisions besides the clarification.

Where is his bill?

Where is his bill to make people provide proof of citizenship before they get emergency room treatment? Without writing that bill his complaints against HR 3200 are nothing more than hot air and bluster.

"Keep the Faith"

Illegal immigrants the convenient "other"

I realized when I woke up this morning the unexpurgated racism of the right trying to use animosity towards illegal aliens to stir up more anxiety towards health care reform. I said it would be as politically stupid to allow illegal aliens health care benefits as it would be to allow them to vote. I still think that's true but I want to qualify the statement by saying that permanent disenfranchisement isn't just. This is a nation of immigrants both voluntary and involuntary and withholding rights to the latest immigrants may make political sense now but it's not in the long term interests of our country to maintain a large permanent caste of surplus labor who are kept stripped of rights and defenses and made "the other" by politicians when it's convenient for their cause.

The illegal immigration "problem", "issue", "challenge" or whatever you want to call it has nothing to do with health care reform but is being cynically exploited by politicians who know better. My guess is that McIntyre knows better and he's dangerously manipulating the anxieties of his constituency in the same way that racists of another generation warned their constituents of the "dangers" of allowing African Americans to vote. It's a vile, racist tactic and it's right to call him on it. Let immigration reform have its own thread, discussion and remedies. The issue here is finding a reasonable solution to health care problems and costs for the country's legal citizens.

Illegal aliens access to care

I watched President Obama's OFA Townhall yesterday. He did a great job addressing the lies and myths. He also made a great point about illegal aliens accessing health care services. He said that no, they can't obtain Medicaid or Medicare and there were no plans to include them in coverage but they could still use the E.R. and would have to pay for health care. I think that is fair, especially if there are mechanisms put into place to make sure they pay for services. But there was another interesting point he made. He said that allowing illegal aliens access to care is a necessity because we don't want someone coming in from another country that may be very contagious and pass it on to a schoolyard of children. I like that point and we should take that into consideration when talking about Health Care Reform. Just think about it, if someone comes into this country from wherever and they have a seriously bad strain of TB or flu or plague and we don't treat them then they could be patient zero for an epidemic. I think it just makes sense to insure every American citizen and put mechanisms into place so that illegal aliens can still obtain health care services but they have to pay for it out of pocket or they can apply for citizenship and purchase insurance once their application is approved.

Obama's citizenship

Okay... Hawaii is NOT a state, Obama was born on Mars, Obama has horns hidden on his head, just because his mother was an American and his father was Kenyan then he doesn't take any heritage or citizenship from his mother, ... sorry but I just can't continue on that thought

I trust President Obama, my husband and I met the man in person and we had the honor to speak with him, he truly does care about people and unlike most politicians, he is in it because he wants to do what's right for people and not what will just line his own pockets.

Third Vice Chair works for Mike

Problem with Mike McIntyre, not to worry, the Third Vice Chair of the NCDP Tony McEwen, works for Mike on the government payroll. Wonder how that will proceed when Mike has Dem Competition. Can't imagine that Tony would favor his benefactor. I questioned this at Ex Com when the election happened but Mr. Meeks just let it pass in his rush out the door. At that same time, other active, well qualified, Dems with NC or US govt jobs did not stand for office in the party because of potential conflicts of interest.


...the irrelevant attack on Tony McEwen?
His JOB in McIntyre's office isn't dictating policy, or handling campaigning...and there isn't even a campaign going on that is relevant to your imagined conspiracy.
It wasn't just "Mr. Meeks let it pass", Mr. Ivester. You brought it up on the floor and were given clarification that the rule you tried to bring up was NOT relevant to the situation at hand.
If I go to work for a union or something, do I really need to stop volunteering to also work for the party?

BACK ON TOPIC...I'm shocked and annoyed as well (along with pretty much everyone I know in the party) about Mr. McIntyre's stance on this bill. I agree that Section 246 is clear, concise, and enforceable.

I'd advise you to keep calling and asking for a retraction of his statements if you're one of his constituents. Also, I'd advise calling your district chair to organize a phone bank or something to make the rest of his supporters aware of the inaccuracy of his statement. Don't forget to write the papers, constantly :)

The issue is potentially conflicting direction

The issue isn't a matter of clarity in sections 246 or 152 individually. It is the potential for contradictory interpretation between the two sections.

Congressional attorneys and legislative assistants attempted to clarify it before publication. But their effort was halted for the sake of expediency in getting the bill printed and into committee. Similar contradictory areas are in taxpayer-funded coverage of abortion in HR 3200 (a battle looming) and has already been seen in the end-of-life discussion.

Support of one side or the other is not the issue. It's the expectation that newly issued laws and bills should not, going in, have contradictory, potentially legally conflicting potholes written into them. Deliver a clean bill!

There were nearly 300 working groups preparing individual elements of this legislation, each one of which was working in a near-vacuum. When it all came together in one bill, several parts proved to be in conflict on its face, and in interpretation.

It's no wonder McIntyre and others have run into trouble defending HR3200. In the rush to bring something to the table, HR3200 as a whole, is proving to be damn near indefensible.

Good parts and bad parts, support it or oppose is a poorly written bill.

Mike Wilburt