Dear Charlotte ...

... still think it's a great idea to host the GOP National Convention?

Trump Says 'No Way' He Will Cancel the RNC in Charlotte, Despite Coronavirus

The gun-humping and associations with every racist and violent neo-Nazi and neo-Confederate group in the country wasn't enough for you to turn away business from the RNC. COVID-19 isn't going away anytime soon, based on the estimates I'm seeing.

Will a deadly disease make you change your mind about hosting this hot mess?



Saw something about the contract,

which apparently blocks the City of Charlotte from canceling. I mean, they could still do it, but would probably be liable for millions. Stupid to sign such a contract.

Trump playing long

The man has no limits. I can see him going ahead right until convention, then the RNC cancels. Next step is to declare the election postponed because the virus hasn't been wiped out, making a "legit" election impossible. You guess the next play.