The "dead or alive" mentality of NC law enforcement

The numbers tell the tale clearly:

Slightly more than half of these 249 fatalities listed an initial cause associated with law enforcement’s use of force. A dozen originated from traffic stops and 16 involved a mental health situation or “welfare check.” Twenty-seven people were killed in situations stemming from a nonviolent crime, including drug offenses and warrant service.

For the deaths involving firearms, the majority of victims were not fleeing at the time of the shooting, data originally tallied by the Washington Post shows.

Bolding mine, because even if they were fleeing, that's not a Capital offense. Here is just one of these unnecessary homicides by hyped-up deputies:

Months after a Robeson County man was shot dozens of times during a mental health call, his family said Thursday that they want more details about what led to his death. Authorities say Matthew Oxendine, 46, called 911 on the night of Jan. 9 and said, "I'm going to bleed out," before hanging up. When sheriff's deputies arrived at the scene, they said Oxendine was inside his car and waved a gun at them.

Matthew Oxendine's car was outside the home of his cousin, Hope Bullard, in Pembroke when deputies arrived. Bullard said she told the deputies that the family would take care of him and that they could leave. Instead, she said, the SWAT team showed up, they rammed Matthew Oxendine's car and deputies opened fire on him.

The Oxendine family and their attorneys question why a SWAT team showed up instead of any ambulances or social workers. They also are concerned that there is no video of the incident from any body-worn or dashboard cameras.

Sheriff Burnis Wilkins said he's asked county commissioners for money to buy body-worn cameras for his deputies but was turned down. He said he's now waiting on some federal funding to purchase them.

If Robeson County can afford a SWAT team, they can damn sure afford body cameras for that team and other deputies. This shoot first ask questions later mess has to stop, even if the state or federal government has to "lean in" and make those changes happen.