DCCC To Spend $1.4m in NC-11

The Hill reports that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is making an enormous advertising buy in targeted districts across the country:

"$51.5 million of television advertising in 32 congressional districts.

The allocation reveals an aggressive posture toward the midterm elections, with 27 Republican-held districts targeted and only five Democratic districts identified as needing the defense of DCCC cash."

So the DCCC will support Heath Shuler for 8 weeks. I'll assume those eight weeks will begin in early September. Larry Kissell has been left off of any DCCC lists.


DCCC Triangulation Strategy

The DCCC is targeting just enough races to barely win - or miss - control of the House. I'm glad to see them supporting Heath. However, Larry needs the help too. Both of them are facing multi-millionaire incumbents who can self-finance their campaigns. DCCC should spread the wealth to races like NC-08 and take the fight to the GOP in more places.

Larry Kissell

Then I guess we will have to ramp up our support. Larry is a great guy and deserves to win. Sign!! Everybody who deserves to win doesn't always win. Help!! I'm in his district.



And there's already a DCCC reply there.

DCCC mindset

The DCCC needs every bit of urging you can give them, but I wouldn't count on their support unless Larry's fundraising numbers increase. The DCCC doesn't want to throw money into a race where they'll be radically outspent.

The NC-08 race is easily winnable, of course, as long as the words "Robin Hayes Voted Yes to CAFTA" get repeated often enough and people get to know Larry. However, the DCCC just sees Hayes' huge bank account vs. Larry Kissell's. It's a wrongheaded way to look at politics, and that's why I don't trust Rahm Emmanuel and his merry band of politicos.

So kudos to the DCCC for backing Shuler in this hotly contested NC-11 election and jeers to them for an unwillingness to drop even a couple hundred thousand dollars into an NC-08 race that Kissell ought to win in a walk.

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Maybe good ol' Heath

could launder some of that money over to the 8th district ...


Effectiveness of DCCC?

I have always doubted the effectiveness of the DCCC. First they only throw their money at races that have already been made competitve by others. Second, they just do big television ad buys, which are of dubious effectiveness. Also, they wait until the very end, when most voters' minds are already made up.

I gleefully ignore the DCCC since I think that they do not make a lick of difference in their current operating mode.

I'm just glad

That Shuler will have sufficient counter to the inevitable Taylor TV blitz. Every election season, Taylor floods the airwaves with cheaply produced lies about his opponent. The opponents don't have the money to battle Taylor's lies, and voters go to the polls thinking the opponent is a baby-killing, porn watching, tax raiser.

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Brilliant, indeed

It's nice that the DCCC responded so quickly. And it's fantastic that RANT is getting his post so widely read.

Now, DCCC, how about getting some of those ad dollars our way? Maybe even having a Kissell fundraising day at your site? I know that the DCCC has a lot of various interests to attend to, but Larry Kissell is one way to keep the progressives believing in you.

Again, thanks for supporting Heath Shuler and the other 31 Congressional districts you've made ad buys for.

How can you help North Carolina's 8th?

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