DC Voting Rights Act Is Pulled

I saw this through a friend on Facebook. It is an article online from a conservative saying that the Democrats are resposable for the DC Voting Rights at being pulled. Here is the truth from what I understand. Correct me if i'm wrong.

The Rethglicans attached somethin to the bill that would prevent democrats from revisiting the DC Gun ban. Faced with the possibility of having to abandon this major issue, Democratic leaders decided to err on the safe side and pull the bill that would have given DC a voting Rep in congress.

However, I feel that the Rethuglicans screwed themselves on this one, they could have had a new district in Utah. They gave this up to blackmail us on the DC Gun issue. The link is below.



The Senate version is preferred by the NRA

Nancy Pelosi pulled the legislation instead of having it face a "test" vote that would put many Dems from conservative districts - particularly in the Southern, Mid-Western and Western states - on the spot and could risk their "A" rating with the NRA.

I read that somewhere in my morning reads. I have no idea - could have been The Hill. Don't have time to search for it. But please know that I read it and am not that knowledgeable on my own. ;)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Except for a vote on the bill

Except for a vote on the bill was delayed by a week and not forever, by Steny Hoyer. Eventually the bill will pass, it passed in the last Congress in the House. After this, we just need to get voting reps for the territories, then get them the right to vote for President and then hopefully get DC and the territories at least one senator (since they are not states, it seems fair).