DC follows in North Carolina's corrupted footsteps

Thomas Mills drops several truth bombs on our current political climate:

As I’ve said before, North Carolina Republicans were Trumpists before Trump. They were willing to trash the state’s reputation as a forward thinking, welcoming state in order to pass tax cuts that disproportionally benefited the wealthy while dramatically cutting the services that helped people climb out of poverty and stay in the middle class. And they were willing to pander to the ugliest strains of reactionary populism to do it.

It’s pandering to populism in exchange for a huge kickback for the wealthiest Americans. The country club Republicans who want to enrich themselves and their friends and the movement conservatives who believe that tax cuts are a panacea for every ill don’t have the numbers to get much done. So, they’ve cut deals with social conservatives, many of whom harbor nasty resentments, to get elected and to get their tax cuts.

It truly is a sad state of affairs. The GOP has learned to give the worst elements of our society what they want, the racists, the sexists, the Islamophobes, the holier-than-thou gay-haters, etc., all in an effort to line the pockets of the wealthy even more. Here's more:

When Donald Trump attacks our law enforcement agencies, Republicans act like they didn’t hear. When he makes excuses for white supremacists or rails against Muslims, some of them might wince, but they know they need him for those tax cuts, so they’ll stay largely silent. When they thought they might need Roy Moore’s vote to get tax reform bill passed, men like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan were even willing to welcome a child molester into Congress.

Despite what too many people on the left believe, not all Republicans are bigots or homophobes or xenophobes. It’s just that they can’t pass their agenda without them. And therein lies the problem.

Like I said, you are what you do. For all practical purposes, if Republican leaders promote or even tolerate those things, they become them.