Day 9

In our house, the quarantine began on the Ides of March. Since then we've been feeling our way along, and writing a lot. I hope you won't mind me using BlueNC to track my thoughts. Feel free to do the same.

This was written to on a Dan Forest Facebook thread, to one of his supporters.

Day 9

I'm afraid we're on different sides of the same coin. We both think the other side is ruining the country. Neither of us likes what we see happening, but we're powerless to do much about it.

But here's the rub: Whenever your side controls things, life doesn't improve for most people. Wages stagnate, the environment gets trashed, and the national debt increases. These facts aren't debatable, they're provably true.

And now, as you know in your heart, Trump's government has been wholly unprepared for the pandemic. That's also provably true. Plus, every time Trump opens his mouth, he makes things worse. (Just my opinion.)

Among other GOP leaders all I see is a festering mess of incompetence, with a big dash of craven greed. Dan Forest recklessly voted against stepping up the coronavirus quarantine, trying to score points against Cooper. Burr flat-out profited from the disaster, while lying to voters. And Thom Tillis now wants to give billions to companies with no guarantee it'll be used for wages.

What are the upsides of GOP control? More freedom and profits for big companies, more restrictions on women, and the growth of state-sponsored religion.

You also get lower taxes for the upper crust, a policy that creates more national debt, which you are supposedly against. I can't figure that one.

I know none of this is convincing to true believers, but I feel the need to write it down for posterity. When our great grandchildren look back on the Trump Depression of 2020, their judgement will be angry. And their only question will be, WTF were we thinking?