Day 82

It's been a week since I wrote a "day" post. Not only have I not much to say, I've also taken a personal pledge to shut up and listen. That's not because of the virus, but because of the other epidemic we're facing: violence against black people.

I'm trying to contain my anger and understand what course(s) of action might be most productive. Being another old white guy yelling from the sidelines seems futile and unhelpful.

Meanwhile, Dan Forest is bolstering his credentials as an out-of-touch empty suit dedicated to stirring up resentment about Covid 19 restrictions. He wants people to be able to go out and get drunk at bars if they want, no matter who gets infected along the way. That's the kind of dipshit governor he would be, just like Trump. He'd ignore the fact that NC reported more than 1300 new cases of Covid 19 yesterday. It's what we call the sanctity of life.

I'm slipping into the darkness of depression and seem unable to reverse course. It's partly isolation, but it's more the result of continuing despair.