Day 71

Jack Dorsey needs to remove Trump from Twitter. He's promoting death threats and violence, which for any other person on Twitter would mean automatic banning. It's not that hard, Jack, just use the algorithm that's in place for millions of other users.

Some are reporting that Biden is under increasing pressure to name a black person / woman as his VP nominee. I don't think he's under pressure at all, it's something he wants to do and will do because (1) it's about time and (2) it's good political strategy. Here's a good article about the four most likely candidates. I like all of them, with a slight preference for Susan Rice because her experience could be especially helpful to Biden as he works to undo Trump's carnage.

I don't know how best to support black people in this exceptionally difficult time, but I do know that we're moving past a breaking point into new territory. It seems like police departments across the country are recruiting directly from KKK membership, with front-line officers promoting white privilege at a new and extreme level. Our nation is sitting on a powder keg and the Orange man is holding a box of matches.

I don't know many people who think white privilege isn't real, but apparently the US is full of them. James Baldwin wrote this in 1963. Not much has changed.



More on white privilege

Excellent piece in the Washington Post.

The menace of whiteness is an always-present stalker of black children waiting for them to forget the slightest of these life-preserving teachable moments. Like most black parents, I have handed down these lessons to my children. I have coached them on how to announce their intentions to move before reaching for a driver’s license in the presence of a police officer. I have lectured them on how to present themselves as nonthreatening when in a parking lot or elevator.