Day 69

This is day 69, same as my age, 69. Man, I'm getting old too old for this stuff.

I made a small contribution to Snopes today, in support of their fact-checking work. If you don't know Snopes, they're the pioneer "truth" site and man-oh-man do they have their hands full. Some of what they uncover is trivial. For example, they reported that a photograph of a "rare red owl" was fake. I stupidly had fallen for that one. They also debunk much more serious falsehoods. If only I'd take the time to check in with them.

Speaking of falsehoods, could Dandy Forest possibly get any more sleazy? In a Fox interview this week, he hopped from lie to lie with the greatest of ease as he grasped for ways to criticize Governor Cooper's handling of the coronovirus. He came up short across the board, and smelled of desperation. I used to think Forest had the potential to actually be a nice guy. I was wrong. He's just a lying ass.

No links to Fox News here. Not ever.

My daughter comes home tomorrow, possibly for the summer. We'll have to negotiate a whole bunch of new corona stuff, which is easier said than done when you're dealing with adult children. Still, we'll be happy and relieved to see her. Wish us luck.

Next week I'm going to start building a small shed to keep bicycles in. I'm no carpenter, but I'm hopeful I can make this happen. Measure twice. Cut once. Use screws instead of nails. Keep it simple. Finished size will be eight feet square. Flat roof. Something to do.

We're almost to June. Strange times.