Day 58

This week seems to have brought with it an uptick in our collective sense of urgency, exponential corruption from an insane president.

The Burr thing is interesting in a double-agent kind of way. A Justice Department investigation for insider trading combined with Russia-gate? That's a formula for extortion, but imagine Burr saying: "Drop the investigation or I'll leak the Senate Intelligence Committee Russia-gate Report." Crazy shit.

Thomas Mills wrote a great piece about Burr this week.


I'm still working on the #bluewaveflag idea and would welcome your input. The thinking is to put a million! blue flags out into the state so people can quietly and simply show their support for Democrats. I'm thinking yards, flower pots, window boxes, stuck on front doors, even on cars and trucks.

The flags themselves are the kind used by surveyors to mark water lines. There's nothing printed on them. Easy to stick in the ground.

If you want to try the idea in your own neighborhood, you can buy them online. Or come by my house and pick a few up. I have about a hundred left. They cost $9 for a bundle of 100, plus shipping.