Day 47

This past weekend was supposed to be the wedding day for my daughter and her fiance. They're a very sweet couple who met each other two years ago playing Pokemon Go in downtown Chapel Hill, currently living in Atlanta. The wedding has been postponed to a date uncertain. No one knows when or if a good-sized wedding (around a hundred people) might be possible. Everything around the event is up in the air.

The disappointment is fresh and raw for me. I still find myself wondering, "what if?" For example, what if we had an actual president instead of a pathetic egomaniac in the White House? What if the pathetic egomaniac had read and understood the god-damned intelligence briefings he began receiving in December? What if he had acted in the best interests of the country instead of pursuing his personal agenda? What if we were well on the road to re-opening North Carolina in early March instead of now? No one knows the answers to those questions, but there's a good possibility this wedding might have taken place. Instead, we've flushed many thousands of dollars for services that can't be put to use, and more important, two lovely people are left hanging in the lurch.

There are millions of similar stories about life in the time of corona, all made measurably worse by the incompetence of the Trump Crime Family. These few months will go down in history as the most destructive failure of government in more than a hundred years. Relationships ravaged, careers crushed, and lives lost.

My daughter and her fiance are making the most of their changed circumstances, She starts back to work today as part of Georgia's rush to reopen, he's been working from home. I hope they stay safe and take care as circumstances unfold. I love their resilience, I'm so proud of them.

In the meantime, my resolve to put an end to Republican rule has never been stronger. Everyone from Donald F. Trump* down to his enablers (Tillis) and fluffers (Dandy Forest) deserves to be crushed into political oblivion. I don't hate them, but I most certainly DO hate every single thing they're doing to destroy country.

* I've taken to using "F" (fucking) instead of "J" (John) for Trump's middle initial. Feel free to adopt and spread.



I don't hate Tillis,

but I do have a great deal of contempt for him. He's a weak sycophant, and the only thing we can rely on is he will cover his own ass every time, while showing no concern for the vast majority of his constituents.

But I do hate Trump and Forest. They would gladly expose minority groups (immigrants, LGBTQ, African-Americans) to unfair and deadly conditions, while preening in front of a mirror. They are both demagogues that thrive on turning people against each other, and that middle-school bullshit is one of the biggest threats our democracy has ever faced.

There's only one Republican I give a modicum of respect to...

...and that's Mitt Romney. Only because he's not a total asshole. The rest...well, however you want to describe it, I wouldn't stop to spit in their faces if their noses were on fire. Perhaps "loathe" is a good word for my feelings for them. It doesn't consume me. It's just there. I don't feel badly about loathing them because they've earned it.

Stan Bozarth

I look at Trump, Forest, and McConnell as Covid-19

I'm a little more analytical and dispassionate about politics.

I don't hate Trump and his sycophants as much as I look at them like a deadly virus - something that needs to be contained and isolated until it dies off and is no longer harmful to human beings.

Ideally, you'd kill the virus, right?

And, this isn't "political" to me except the vilest people have gathered under the GOP banner so it seems fair to identify them in that manner. I don't waste energy analyzing their every nuance. Why or how can I? Everything is either an "alternative fact" or an outright lie. Further, they are purposefully cruel and uncaring. They use the law to protect themselves while violating the law flagrantly because they control the AG and Homeland Security.

Stan Bozarth