Day 41

Responding to a Tillis troll on Facebook:

The reason I criticize the Senator constantly is that he NEVER does anything that warrants praise. Tillis is a shameless self-promoter whose only real accomplishment is his ability to run away from constituents without getting fragged. He's been the primary sponsor of exactly ZERO pieces of significant legislation in more than five years. He lies on a daily basis, all in service of kissing Trump's ass. And he's proven he's willing to tear our state and our country to shreds so he can stay in office.

Senator Thom Tillis is fundamentally untrustworthy. I'd say that's reason enough for the criticism he gets.

I'm supporting and voting for Cal Cunningham. Help if you can.



If you want to know what Tillis is up to

Go "like" his page on Facebook. I know that sounds creepy, but do it anyway. And then comment on his several self-serving posts each day.

The ratio of negative to positive comments runs in the neighborhood of 20 to 1. Help us make it 30 to 1.

He's out telling lies about Donald F. Trump every day.