Day 40: Do something useful. Save the Post Office.

Enough navel gazing. Here's a small-but-important thing you can do today: Grab a pen and paper and draft a hand-written letter to Senators Tillis and Burr, imploring them to fully fund the United States Postal Service. We cannot let this valuable and cherished institution fall prey to the insanity of Donald F. Trump. Here's what my letters say:

"I'm writing to ask that you protect the United States Postal Service from the president's attacks. My family has long depended on the US Mail as part of daily life, as do many other families, especially those in rural areas. Please don't let this incredibly valuable service become a political pawn."

This effort is being initiated by Visit their website, where you'll find good background information:

Starting on Monday, April 27, 2020 thousands of Americans are sending letters through the mail to tell their Senators to fully fund the United States Postal Service. Please sign up now and join our campaign.

The outpouring of support for our petition to save the Postal Service showed that public support is with us. Now, by sending a letter to Congress on Monday, April 27th, we can send a clear message to Congress and the White House that bankrupting the United States Postal Service is NOT an option. Congress and the White House must fully fund the United States Postal Service in the next stimulus bill. The Postal Service delivers life-saving medications and food, enables voting by mail, supports other services necessary for our nation to operate during the COVID-19 crisis, and is obligated to serve all Americans regardless of where they live, rural and urban alike.

You can mail your letters to these addresses. Be sure to put a note on the outside of your envelopes to show your letter carriers that you support them!

Senator Richard Burr
217 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Senator Thom Tillis
113 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

PS I wrote about the attacks on the post office earlier, back on Day 28.



A post card is even better than a letter

If you have any on hand, use a post card, which won't have to go through the anthrax screening process (which can take weeks to clear).

It's always something.

Great idea!

What a great idea! I just found a couple of VanGogh postcards in my collection and sent one to each of our senators. On the front there was enough space to add a thank-you message to postal workers. I also plan to pass this idea on to a neighborhood website to suggest they all do the same thing!

Nell Steelman Whitlock


Thanks for joining the cause!