Day 39

A Facebook conversation sums up my understanding of where things stand in the land of the free and the home of President Lysol.

Person 1: I don't care what the government says about May 8, I'm staying home. This thing is NOT going away.

Person 2: Not me man. Can't wait to get out and do something. Anything.

Person 1: The disease will still be hanging around us. There's no vaccine or cure.

Person 3: There are thousands of diseases without cures. Get used to it.

Person 1: But few of them are as contagious. Or as deadly.

Person 2: It's no worse than the flu.

Person 3: Exactly.

Person 1: You actually think that?

Person 2: I read the studies. It's no worse than the flu Besides, it's mostly old people who die.

Person 1: Except for younger people who are dying from strokes.

Person 3: That's not true.

Person 1:

Person 2: Whatever. You can find a study to go along with anything you think. I'm going out. I don't care if I die. I'm not living like this.

Person 1: Well, I hope you die alone and don't kill anyone else with your stupidity.

Person 2: Everybody's going to die from something.

Person 1: SMH


Jane and I are taking life a day at a time right now, keeping informed as best we can and hoping that most people behave cautiously. But we know that roughly 30% of Americans are indisputably idiots because they either believe what Trump says or don't care that he's lying. That kind of stupidity is the real epidemic we're facing. And there's definitely no cure.



We've essentially been in "take cover" mode for @ 7 weeks.

Based on what we've read, Nan and I are both compromised in terms of this disease, so we damn sure don't want to get it. Truth be told, when we first read about what was going on in Wuhan we implemented our already-in-place plan to be as prepared as we could. So, we've had no "shortages" and have been able to help some neighbors. Our neighborhood has @ 60 children and they are not being kept from playing with one another. We also have some neighbors who either think it's blown out of proportion, don't care one way or another, and/or we have a few Trumpers who are not stupid enough to drink Draino, but continue to defend him.'s a mixed bag. I figure it will continue this way until someone in the neighborhood gets this disease and dies and then people will all get serious. We go out to the store "foraging" for fresh fruits and veggies, etc., about every two weeks. We'd prefer not to, but we're careful.

We don't anticipate anything near what used to be "normal" until there is a vaccine or proven treatment for this virus. Then too, it seems to be a mutating/changing target, so there's a chance we'll never be back to our old ways. It sucks. On the plus side, MAYBE we'll do better by workers and ensure they have a living wage.

I have no idea how all this will play out politically or with the "freedumb" protestors. Trump is massaging his ego by having the West Pointers return so he can spout drivel (at great cost to us financially and to them personally) and jacking off over having "flyovers" to honor our healthcare workers...when they'd rather just have the proper equipment. Nothing new...he's just a flaming asshole and the GOP and his Cabinet are complicit and equally vile. As an aside, I just laugh when I see pictures of these good-ole-boys parading around in their camo and wearing plate-protectors and carrying their tricked-out firearms. Momma and the kids are probably eating gruel and fatback so their hubbies can buy this stuff, and you can bet Bubba and the boys are gonna shit themselves if and when somebody actually pulls a trigger. I figure they're fair game at that point and there will be lots of us "snowflakes" ready for it.

Stan Bozarth

Right there with you

I don't actually care much about myself, it's the kids I'm worried about. They're coming into a whole new world and the adults in charge seem to be a bunch of greedy assholes and worse.

Hang in there man. Love ya.