Day 37

Jane and I were ready for the Chapel Hill garden tour this weekend, but it's not happening because of the Trump pandemic. Our daughter's May 2nd wedding has been postponed to a time to be determined. First world problems, I know.

President Lysol is truly blowing my mind. I. Can't. Even.

I'm seeing hopeful signs in the US Senate race. Tillis seems to know he's in trouble and is flailing to be relevant. It ain't working. His daily gaggle on Facebook elicits mostly ridicule as he struggles to claim credit for literally anything. Today he bragged that he "co-led a bipartisan letter." Wow. The hard truth? Tillis has few good moves. He has sacrificed his trustworthiness, and he's tied himself to Trump, who is insane.

Many people I talk with in the age of corona seem to be developing new relationships with patience. Can't wait to see how that unfolds. (Just kidding. Waiting is my middle name.)