Day 169

I've been relatively quiet for the past month, mostly thinking and observing what's going on out there. Here's what's on my mind.

Thoughtful people are their own worst enemies. They seem compelled to express their worries out loud, spreading anxiety like the plague. If you're one of those worriers, please stop announcing your fears. If you have to say something, say something constructive like: "We have less than two months to put an end to the nightmare we've been living for four years. Get to work."

If you run into people who want to debate the pros and cons of individual candidates, say this: "I don't need to discuss that. Not this year. If a candidate has the word DEMOCRAT next to their name, I'm voting for him or her. The Republican party has ruined our country and I'm voting to restore democracy and decency. This year, no Republican candidate will get my vote."

When you see people who are buying GOP propaganda, say. "Republicans have lied so much about so many things, I don't trust anything they say. Trump is a liar. Dan Forest is a liar. Thom Tillis is a liar. Maybe you'll trust what they say, but I won't."

If you're on social media, make your political voice count. Encourage your friends to be actively engaged. Use your posts to motivate people to vote and to challenge opponents as untrustworthy Millions of Republicans know the president is a lying piece of shit. Millions of North Carolinians know Tillis can't be trusted on any issue in any way. Millions of people know Dan Forest is Trump sycophant, eager to jump when told. Follow Tillis and Forest on Facebook and Twitter. Give them hell every time they post.

Put a Biden, Cooper, and Cunningham sticker on your car. People tell me they don't want to mess up their cars with bumper stickers. Tough tomatoes. What's more important, your car or your country? You can get a Cooper sticker here. And here's a list of Biden resources. And if your situation allows, get some yard signs and put them on display.

We all have worries from time to time. But it's important to remember that every second we spend expressing anxiety is a second not spent getting people to the polls.

For those who know me, you get that I'm not a Polly Anna kind of guy. But for now, I'm setting my instincts aside in favor of radical optimism. WE HAVE TO WIN this election and I believe we will win, up an down the ballot, with a massive blue wave. I believe most people are fundamentally decent and want our democracy to survive. I believe most people know in their hearts that Trump Republicans cannot be trusted. They've wrecked our economy. They've witnessed the deaths of nearly 200,000 people, and counting. They've destroyed our country's reputation in the world. They've stirred division and unrest.

Trump Republicans do not represent the America we believe in. It's up to every one of us to help stop them.



Also, arguing with trolls is a waste of time

I have several Facebook friends who are opposed to banning or un-friending long-time associates, old college chums, and (of course) Trump-loving family members. They spend way too much time arguing with these people, which merely gives the trolls opportunities to post right-wing bullshit dressed up as "news" or "analysis."

Here's a truth-bomb: Somebody who frequently calls your judgment into question is not a friend, they're a fricking troll. Every now and then, well, that happens. But a couple times every week (if not more often) is obnoxious, and designed to stifle your voice, and the voices of your real friends. Don't feel guilty about cutting someone like that loose, they've earned it.


When I feel compelled to call out Tillis and Forest, is simply hit and run. They're both lying dirt bags, not worth two seconds of thought. At least once I day, I remind Tillis readers that the guy is fundamentally untrustworthy. And for Forest, I remind readers that he's nothing but a pretty boy Dandy who wants to see himself in photos. They're both lazy grifters who literally do nothing except run of office.