Day 144

I read this week on Thom Trump's "about" Facebook page that he's a husband, a father, and a grandfather. That blows me away. As all three of those things myself, I can't imagine embracing the kind of arrogant irresponsibility I see every day in Tillis. He supports policies that count on future generations being able to climb out of the holes he's digging today. Trillions in new debt. Reckless environmental policy. Privatization of public assets. Bald-faced corruption. A culture of lying.

Maybe he's right. Maybe our descendants will have more wisdom than us. Maybe they'll know better than to trash the world around them on their way to getting rich. Or maybe they'll learn, from people like Tillis, that total self-interest is how you stay on top. Say anything. Do anything. As long as you divide and conquer.